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Overview of www.ygyuge.com

Information about domain www.ygyuge.com.

IP address: domains on same IP: 19
DNS #1:ns18.xincache.com -
DNS #2:ns17.xincache.com -
Subdomain:count of subdomains: 1
Hosting location:Hong Kong
Last HTTP code:200
Page size (kB):53.32 kB
Powered by:ASP.NET
Character set:utf-8
Tree:COM, Y, YG, YGY
www.ygyuge.com is a domain maintained by 2 domain name servers ns18.xincache.com, ns17.xincache.com. Domain name is registered under com top level domain (TLD). Web content is published by web server Microsoft-IIS and powered by ASP.NET engine. Web sites are linked to the IP address Last HTTP status code was 200 which means OK.




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This domain has 64 outbound links.

tlsllb248.com01513/255- N/A -
bcznjj213.com01712/255- N/A -
cmxx218.com01412/255- N/A -
acsllb243.com01912/255- N/A -
bcxzfw222.com01512/255- N/A -
csxx219.com01512/255- N/A -
sssgjj238.com0911/255- N/A -
bczglj213.com01311/255- N/A -
acac228.com01511/255- N/A -
cnxx212.com01111/255- N/A -
csxx213.com01011/255- N/A -
csxx215.com01211/255- N/A -
szzrbh226.com0811/255- N/A -
fcipo236.com01011/255- N/A -
hlac240.com01311/255- N/A -
dtzrbh230.com0911/255- N/A -
cfxx214.com0911/255- N/A -
xcipo239.com01111/255- N/A -
gbdzrbh228.com0811/255- N/A -
cdxx210.com01011/255- N/A -
cwxx216.com01010/255- N/A -
jxzrbh235.com0910/255- N/A -
bzipo237.com0910/255- N/A -
ycsllb247.com0910/255- N/A -
wlhtipo235.com01110/255- N/A -
basllb249.com01110/255- N/A -
zpsgjj239.com01110/255- N/A -
ajzglj209.com0910/255- N/A -
sjzzrbh227.com0510/255- N/A -
pdsgjj242.com069/255- N/A -
eegnipo234.com089/255- N/A -
gzlsllb242.com089/255- N/A -
dhsllb241.com089/255- N/A -
hlglipo233.com089/255- N/A -
hlsllb246.com079/255- N/A -
hysgjj245.com079/255- N/A -
caxx211.com089/255- N/A -
jgssgjj240.com089/255- N/A -
jac242.com079/255- N/A -
nhsllb244.com069/255- N/A -
mlac236.com069/255- N/A -
adac239.com089/255- N/A -
aesipo232.com089/255- N/A -
mssllb245.com069/255- N/A -
llsgjj247.com069/255- N/A -
lpac244.com079/255- N/A -
lyipo238.com069/255- N/A -
fzipo230.com089/255- N/A -
yksipo231.com079/255- N/A -
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