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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in China (22 subnets), Japan (21 subnets), South Korea (15 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains Korea11 Korea510 Korea11 Philippines1212 Korea12 Pakistan3554 China Indonesia Thailand9812101 Lanka88 Korea33 Australia China23137 South Korea Singapore1517 Korea23 Philippines3235 Australia Cambodia3071082 Thailand Taiwan Bangladesh Pakistan118755 Korea77 Australia Taiwan India New Zealand Malaysia2491774 Korea India4171056 Taiwan115202 Zealand59 Vietnam Indonesia Malaysia 78207 Korea28 South Korea Malaysia2397 New Zealand1010 Korea New Zealand119752 Korea Malaysia Philippines8193526 China1519 China South Korea59124 Kong81100 Singapore1575 India81153 China Hong Kong New Zealand8823368 China South Korea167287