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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (94 subnets), Netherlands (39 subnets), Australia (6 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States3356 States4049 States79 States22 States72123 States2036 States52117 States1234 States59155 States64123 States110195 States70147 States55132 States3778 States11 States810 States1942203 States22 States260786 States125371 States40396 States3038 States3771 States11 States1217 States52117 States2049 States2840 States3056 States74148 States3084 States821 States144384 States3657 States33990 States45 States119347 States2263 States56145 States3954 States2550 States33 States90248 States1215 States2133 States2965 States65115 States1328 States4884 States3346 States3049 States1843 States4890 States1418 States1935 States2639 States2541 States1927 States3045 States3283 States2981 States1458146540 States78238 States87179 States1942 States858 States4572 States2428 States15 States1020 States68104 States45102 States86472 States2668 States44 States78175 States725 States44 States1255 States58 States2338 States22 States11 States113362 States2864 States1450 States66197 States1426 States34 States11 States1827 States4366 States735 States1330