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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (65 subnets), Netherlands (64 subnets), Australia (16 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States22 States939 States3540 States4987 States22 States44136 States60143 States11 States1116 States12 States1216 States18 States1219 States32172 States1635 States3494 States3062 States1532 States4256 States923 States3484 States2651 States27125 States3676 States2953 States916 States20894254 States2546 States89 States1036 States2439 States80146 States3512197 States22 States4492 States3069 States42125 States11 States513 States92136 States1843 States34150 States450 States1526 States2951 States1621 States34148 States423 States1841 States66150 States22 States22 States78 States3642 States55119 States22 States4560 States22 States2348 States2828 States2266 States311 States623 States2239 States542