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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Germany (81 subnets), United States (42 subnets), Netherlands (30 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Norway Jordan177911058 Kingdom Germany Russia Switzerland324268041 Kingdom35 States11 Kingdom335 States2433 States812 States23 States11 States1213 States711 States1519 States1316 States928 States56245 States721 States638 States1228 States19135 States24 States1059 States926 States1037 States1010 States1477 States3056 States1223 States129329 States1534 States2336 States2351 States38 States2230 States36103 States2242 States4884 States1217 States927 States3568 States23 States824 States1111 States48569 States23 States33 States920