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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (92 subnets), Canada (4 subnets), Australia (3 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains States22 States11 States67 States513 States74180 States2350 States58 States78 States1425 States1985 States52174 States11 States513 States31950 States2955560 States11 States88 States25 States11 States210 States35156 States77 States22 States121 States918 States46 States1129 States22 States1653 States179328 States25140 States13 States69 States1426 States11 States33 States166183 States46 States36 States56 States1430 States3251 States1017 States411 States11 States12 States30136 States12 States423 States26 States73435 States2126 States13 States22 States2051 States1017 States44 States46 States2228 States36 States716 States90651 States22 States316 States428 States1014 States72172 States33 States1130 States925 States318537 States57 States1020 States27120 States361806 States11 States68 States2048 States33 States11 States130231 States1244 States3860 States41218 States2248 States17 States34 States722 States32165 States78 States910 States416