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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (54 subnets), Canada (22 subnets), Puerto Rico (3 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States15989514 States3382485 States4298 States3012392 States22458517 States Canada235739 States1115 States55529509 States1229244083 States Canada167663 States29315283 States363917681 States211285 States15613128219 States1212 States665436702 States4491386 States4528481 States1116544650 States Canada2032512 States Canada113191 States3134 States Canada1653103371 States6701896 States Canada113525106 States Puerto Rico6074 States195359 States162246 States Canada16385954 States 5962956 States Puerto Rico229395 States37283 States Canada28849270 States Canada208310834 States240523 States10583042 States967620463 States2013066080 States Canada6758947 States Canada12826169 States Canada279808 States Canada3271265 States3782940 States Canada Puerto Rico3341305 States Canada9573259 States15287590 States Canada5311564 States Canada218014900 States Canada18259283 States4621943 States171316 States Canada488811297 States13081114603 States Canada609621886