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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Russia (30 subnets), Poland (23 subnets), Ukraine (19 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Spain10657110426 Sweden Belgium Italy Spain Switzerland Slovakia Iceland160895 Kingdom Czech Republic Bulgaria Italy4195 Arabia22 Spain Russia Azerbaijan429520442 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Finland Belgium Italy Spain Poland Switzerland Portugal Ireland Morocco Lithuania1001043601 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Hungary Spain Russia Poland Ireland92011257 France Ireland European union433814469 Kingdom4565 Arabia1012 Switzerland2446 Sweden10535610 Turkey17645194 Kingdom Netherlands Finland Spain Russia Iran Switzerland Latvia8145711 France Sweden Italy Spain Russia1611471 Kingdom Netherlands France Greece Spain Poland European union20237243 States United Kingdom Sweden Ireland5611250 Czech Republic Belgium Italy Denmark Russia Iran Croatia60111402 Kingdom Germany Austria Russia Luxembourg173617 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Denmark4271742 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Sweden Russia Norway77771985 Cyprus1212 Ukraine Russia Poland614 Republic Romania Ukraine Russia Poland Cyprus29151 Republic Germany Poland1429 Romania Spain Russia Poland2333 Republic Iran Slovakia1079 Ukraine411 Poland Republic of Serbia1149 Republic of Serbia619 Poland518 Slovakia Latvia Republic of Serbia929 Republic Ukraine Russia Slovakia1126 Russia Poland Kazakhstan817 Slovakia Republic of Serbia78 Poland818 Russia Norway Poland Switzerland Portugal99222 Russia68 Poland1797 Romania Russia Poland Slovakia3677 Russia146744 Poland1323659 Ukraine310 Russia Poland31135 Russia Poland Switzerland74189 Kingdom Germany Russia Moldova4175 Sweden Romania34126 Kyrgyzstan2697 Sweden Ukraine Russia Portugal Republic of Serbia7533156 Republic France Spain Denmark Croatia40133 Moldova12576635 Kingdom Czech Republic Italy Spain Poland4101332 Hungary Ukraine Poland Saudi Arabia Bahrain3879 Kingdom77 Kingdom2627