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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Russia (39 subnets), Germany (35 subnets), United Kingdom (24 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Poland Moldova1519 of Serbia713 Kingdom33 Kingdom11 Romania5287 Kingdom85168 Germany956768030 Russia67 Arabia55 Arabia812 Arabia88 Arabia1213 Arabia66 Arabia1416 Arabia57 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Finland Belgium Italy Denmark Russia Poland Israel Azerbaijan Cyprus9425903 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Finland Austria Belgium Italy Spain Russia Poland 126510562 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Estonia2952129 Kingdom Hong Kong Germany Canada Ukraine Russia Turkey United Arab Emirates Azerbaijan6901440 Russia56 States Germany Romania337658 Republic Iran50201 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Sweden Estonia Russia Switzerland Latvia220724 Germany Belgium Spain Russia Portugal Georgia Republic of Serbia234468223 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Hungary Finland Italy Spain Russia Norway Switzerland Colombia163221082 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Sweden Italy Spain Ukraine Norway Turkey Poland European union Saudi Arabia13527035 Latvia26141 Kingdom Denmark Russia1317 Republic Poland59010186 Poland2511163 Austria Belgium117346 Spain3161 States Czech Republic Sweden Denmark Russia Slovakia Israel Republic of Serbia11733115 France Sweden Iran Poland Slovakia European union149518038 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Poland2471741 Russia Poland Slovakia65406 Turkey Poland Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro3301493 Turkey Iran Poland Switzerland Ireland2862082 Belgium Bulgaria Russia Norway Iran1521001 Finland Bulgaria Russia Poland183446 Poland21535516 Croatia4148 France Ukraine Russia1852136 Republic Russia60104 Iran2990 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Sweden Hungary Austria Bulgaria Italy Romania Greece Denmark Russia Turkey Poland Switzerland Chile Lithuania Cyprus Moldova381022364 Hungary306575 Russia2759 Kingdom Netherlands Italy Greece Spain Poland35204 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Finland Belgium Italy Spain Poland Switzerland Portugal Ireland Lithuania1202566961 Malta23 Republic58292 Kingdom Czech Republic Ukraine Poland115501 Romania44110 Kingdom Romania9433851 Kingdom6385 Kingdom88 Kingdom4152 Kingdom4576 Palestinian territories73226 Kingdom Netherlands Hungary Belgium Russia5795116 Denmark43135 Slovenia3290 Kuwait1417 Romania4491532 Kingdom Czech Republic Spain Denmark Russia Jordan Moldova78153 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Russia Poland Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic of Serbia85311 Russia Jordan132269 Croatia63142 Russia2432 Republic of Serbia951