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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Argentina (47 subnets), Colombia (26 subnets), Chile (26 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Argentina Costa Rica Colombia174515 Colombia516 Panama Chile Netherlands Antilles126270 Chile58140 Rica Chile 127214 Costa Rica Panama Colombia Honduras El Salvador5766 Venezuela Honduras Cuba 3133 Costa Rica Colombia193606 Dominican Republic Chile Peru Colombia61463 Venezuela97319 Rica Ecuador124485 Honduras Ecuador Bolivia1516 Peru Ecuador86137 Chile Netherlands Antilles1015 Costa Rica Panama Chile Colombia181422 Venezuela3682 Ecuador Paraguay616 El Salvador911 El Salvador Ecuador33101 Salvador1515 Republic 2432 Salvador2028 Honduras2250 Costa Rica Colombia Venezuela 217333535 Republic78 Colombia Ecuador68140 Panama Netherlands Antilles68186 126350 Costa Rica Honduras68 Netherlands Antilles29119 Costa Rica2467 Paraguay Bolivia2089 Panama Netherlands Antilles137439 Nicaragua Costa Rica 51155 Chile Colombia Honduras Ecuador3191 Costa Rica Ecuador 1522 Honduras1319 Ecuador1236 Panama Venezuela Ecuador 92186 Costa Rica Colombia54250 Costa Rica Chile Peru3886 88 Rica Panama El Salvador226467 Colombia Venezuela Paraguay Netherlands Antilles2324 Dominican Republic Panama2747 Panama Venezuela Honduras259382 Nicaragua Dominican Republic Costa Rica Belize Honduras 93237 Paraguay4575 3046 Salvador1013 Chile 3354 Venezuela2145 Republic3636 Republic3949 Rica Bolivia1523 Bolivia1516 Costa Rica Ecuador1681 Costa Rica Honduras Netherlands Antilles2332 Rica Panama Paraguay1924 Rica3989