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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (173 subnets), Netherlands (80 subnets), Australia (49 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States Canada3374051 States1844 States513 States Netherlands65173 States United Kingdom2755 States66110 States3672 States11 States Netherlands48110 States11 States Australia Netherlands51106 States1640 States1620 States722 States56 States812 States1324 States55103 States Australia Netherlands Canada3490 States23327 States11 States Canada6462374 States28816439 States11 States Netherlands70188 States Netherlands Canada5281531 States Australia Netherlands47142 States Netherlands Canada2601168 States Australia Netherlands Canada8075377 States Netherlands Canada1724 States Netherlands Canada29171 States Netherlands35103 States Belgium22 States Canada1450 Netherlands712 States35137 States Netherlands936 States Netherlands Canada141413 States Australia Netherlands Canada4465 States13127 States1024 States Canada1970 States Canada162014327 States Australia Netherlands Canada Puerto Rico971079 States Australia Netherlands Canada174273 States Australia Netherlands Canada5196 States Germany Canada11124960 States Netherlands5186 States United Kingdom Germany France Sweden Italy Denmark Norway European union9382211 States Australia384981 States200927904 States Netherlands79179 States Netherlands Canada4672 States Germany1225 States20163185 States Netherlands Canada13424511 States Netherlands Canada106196 States Australia Netherlands3347 States Australia Netherlands156291 States50118 States Netherlands68144 States Netherlands49163 States68 States Australia Netherlands5399 States Netherlands2952 States Australia Mauritius Netherlands89482 States Canada14767629 States Mauritius6394883 States Australia Uruguay60114 States Australia Netherlands Uruguay78154 States Australia Mauritius Netherlands1201037 States Netherlands4364 States Australia Netherlands1784064 States23 States Australia Netherlands96299 States Netherlands55149 States Canada2611089 States Australia52110652 States Australia Netherlands3860 territories Israel83228 States Canada152268 States2834 States Australia64205 States Australia Netherlands81198 States Netherlands5482205 States1013 States34 States Netherlands4256 States Australia Canada 4778 States Australia Netherlands46186 States Australia Netherlands95143 States Netherlands Canada70235 States3967 States913 States Australia Netherlands322983 States Canada91189 States4181671 States Australia Netherlands74355 States Australia126326 States Australia Canada2471 States Australia Netherlands73171 States Australia Netherlands912423 States238118613 States3680 States Australia Netherlands54142 States Canada7151696 States12416632 States96204 States16604520 States Canada50222 States2949 States Australia Netherlands Uruguay Canada97301 States15553729 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Romania Spain Ukraine Russia Poland Switzerland Republic of Serbia3931568 States433919984 States United Kingdom Germany France Sweden Italy Spain Denmark Norway Poland Switzerland Ireland13504178 Germany France Romania Russia Poland3911917 States13202746 States Australia37388116 States841381 States Netherlands4777 States Canada38117 States Netherlands67 States1428 States Netherlands86128 States258963 States Australia Netherlands Uruguay Canada109172 States Mauritius Netherlands126289 States Australia Netherlands6202330 States56160 States Australia Netherlands Uruguay96201 States Netherlands Uruguay3301589 States Canada3101045 States3711183 States Netherlands Canada2759 States2931708 States11 States Australia148432 States2831 States Canada2231178 States Australia Netherlands110328 States Canada69288 States11 States Canada23825648 States Canada3171145 States2030 States68257 States7422527 States28283916 States15358 States57 States4965 States256608 States Australia Canada68226 States36209 States Australia Uruguay150302 States Australia525167136 States44 States Canada184410 States Barbados1661 States Canada5579 States Canada4562281 States15914367 States33 States8831614 States Canada19494890 States2740 States1319 States107266 States4196 States33 States Australia1219 States217836 States Canada15843561 States Netherlands120456 States127289 States10708192506