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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (146 subnets), Canada (44 subnets), Netherlands (3 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States Canada633338299 States Canada5841484 States67 States2381004 States166812 States11 States1653 States25303711 States19315496 States1718 States209310876 States20334520 States Australia98715 States Canada286712076 States Netherlands Canada133361 States244829201 States9874184 States Canada7015137 States48159 States33100 States96163 States1221439 States Saint Kitts and Nevis516 States Canada70134 States Netherlands Canada4088 States2367 States4183160 States1727 States9014914 States Uruguay Canada112247 States67161 States153411048 States99884 States Canada6531027 States8542482 States Canada15556010 States75314 States Canada5121567 States Canada488951 States30229304 States973166316 States204114599 States28238610 States Canada126396 States862521348 States Canada292908 States Canada138411 States17877802 States40104 States88 States Canada182286 States61112 States76186 States191338 States80193 States Canada4671822 States Canada412947 States2757 States13192690 States4585 States Canada16345627 States324311496 States147727 States10712700 States9643224 States Canada4286 States4590 States56566 States5464296 States66192 States59256 States10754244 States Canada18134361 States5553968 States79164 States131383 States14623616 States5877 States100228 States56 States64139 States Canada573429712 States74190 States102201 States Canada146498 States Canada68155 States Canada75156 States Canada Saint Kitts and Nevis145548 States Canada76320 States3167 States2541094 States120507 States1731359 States Canada3664984 States48174 States54111 States58116 States58229 States76153 States5296 States1141201 States64348 States5866877 States4867 States175285 States100158 States11 States Canada21775378 States Canada10432982 States Canada21617632 States73148 States146812340 States2167 States57127 States Bermuda4288 States62147 States142259 States145641 States20355384 States Canada60590 States1420 States3564 States11 States20222 States11 States22 States1313 States221 States101190 States819 States2770 States Canada161508 States1637 States1827 States Netherlands951 States48102 States2457 States1620 States228843 States Canada4901864 States Canada Barbados8961626 States3761355 States70112 States Canada19927013 States Canada115115350 States Canada2023