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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (127 subnets), Canada (70 subnets), Puerto Rico (4 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States63179 States74136 States90452 States Canada Puerto Rico3138426 States82148 States1012 States Canada34 States8263712 States Canada5416688 States82182 States1215 States Canada11534966 States30151 States Canada5112319 States Canada2491468 States Canada8976434 States2231 States Canada7742124 States Canada83430 States13768204 States Canada14284415 States Canada13804011 States27 States Canada3251 States318596 States2640 States Canada3781220 States Canada Barbados8343196 States Canada 12243039 States77 States1043 States Canada7046517 States Canada1183119803 States Canada3981127 States129169 States Canada3131035 States Canada4392070 States82121 States 4551541 States3856 States British Virgin Islands4557564 States8552828 States Canada 20644996 States Canada Puerto Rico3314445 States3941 States Canada7362588 States117288 States170606 States1947 States Canada British Virgin Islands 8364129 States Canada64310165 States1243 States11 States Canada9053327 States Canada17414026 States Canada238867 States28100 States27 States3486 States Canada10132165 States Canada15128796 States Canada Puerto Rico4434029 States203474 States Canada15275267 States Canada99255 States Canada60188 States48 States Canada3881036 States68187 States Canada4892054 States Canada3990 States Canada3382 States Australia Canada116721 States Canada247310268 States Canada15566755 States3452 States79185 States Canada3982515 States Canada20455814 States Canada971189 States Canada7702260 States22 States129317 States United Kingdom Canada118788 States6974 States Canada7223258 States Canada208922120 States Canada 9525727 States82193 States126383 States Canada22689571 States Canada18566094 States Canada10254515 States1013 States2273 States Canada2028 States148567 States76572 States Canada2851303 States Canada85214 States125367 States Canada British Virgin Islands14049526 States Canada116747 States3753267 States4875 States5461938 States3652 States164365 States36 States190755 States3311142 States Canada16997725 States2637 States Canada4101305 States930 States417 States Canada8783153 States137367 States Canada175604 States249471 States Canada140615 States3574 States88156 States Canada133307 States144336 States74175 States Canada Puerto Rico5051516