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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Argentina (52 subnets), Chile (36 subnets), Colombia (35 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Argentina Mexico Costa Rica Panama Chile Ecuador Cuba 55117 Dominican Republic Chile Colombia Venezuela Paraguay 59225 Chile Venezuela 3771 Argentina Panama Chile Peru Colombia Venezuela Honduras Paraguay 4561 Mexico Peru 2129 Puerto Rico Venezuela37100 Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Chile Colombia Venezuela Netherlands Antilles 2631198 Argentina Ecuador Netherlands Antilles 3139 Nicaragua Costa Rica Chile Colombia 52111 Brazil Mexico Chile Peru Ecuador44135 Nicaragua Chile Venezuela340367 States Argentina Mexico Panama Chile Colombia 104137 Colombia El Salvador Cuba 66175 Chile Colombia6499 Mexico Costa Rica Peru Colombia Venezuela2536 Chile Peru Colombia Ecuador5594 Ecuador47145 Dominican Republic Colombia Venezuela Netherlands Antilles143636 Colombia Ecuador141405 States Colombia 5564 Peru Colombia El Salvador137179 Belize114230 Colombia Venezuela 2061009 Dominican Republic128237 Ecuador 171393 Costa Rica Chile Puerto Rico Ecuador Barbados85157 Chile Ecuador Cuba93189 States Uruguay Argentina Colombia Bolivia104810486 Costa Rica Venezuela Honduras101351 Colombia Paraguay102375 States Nicaragua Peru112576 Panama Chile Ecuador227404 Chile7290 Colombia195474 Argentina Chile Colombia Venezuela Netherlands Antilles4581 Colombia Venezuela5898 Rica Panama Chile Colombia Venezuela330789 Chile Colombia Venezuela Bolivia123239 Colombia 212785 Colombia1113 Venezuela4168 Venezuela El Salvador Paraguay Bolivia112444 Republic5395 Dominican Republic Chile Colombia Venezuela3169 Chile Venezuela Ecuador46110 Rica Chile Colombia81154 Venezuela Ecuador67133 Ecuador Bolivia81103 Panama Peru Colombia El Salvador89115 Chile Honduras Ecuador4087 Argentina Panama Peru Paraguay 3265 Peru Colombia Venezuela Ecuador201657 Chile Colombia Ecuador933 1212 Chile Colombia2259 Argentina Costa Rica Panama Honduras Ecuador77124 Colombia Bolivia 2530 Costa Rica144252 Peru103264 Argentina Panama Venezuela Ecuador Netherlands Antilles266909 Venezuela Ecuador 3645 Ecuador913