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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Australia (115 subnets), India (56 subnets), Hong Kong (54 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains Indonesia2538 Hong Kong2024 India1622 New Zealand1932 Malaysia33154 Indonesia Malaysia68292 India31106 Indonesia India2760 India83257 India39133 Indonesia94320 Hong Kong3366 Indonesia33144 States Australia Hong Kong100259 India687474 Hong Kong Indonesia118234 Indonesia106463 Indonesia66190 India90256 India98182 India Philippines 77111 Kong11 Australia60145 Singapore India Bangladesh93341 Australia Hong Kong Vietnam Indonesia Taiwan India103561 Kong Indonesia Thailand Singapore Taiwan India Nepal2541077 Australia Indonesia Taiwan New Zealand68134 Australia Hong Kong Indonesia Malaysia117177 China Hong Kong Indonesia South Korea Singapore Sri Lanka 245607 Australia Hong Kong Malaysia Bangladesh Philippines Pakistan139316 Australia China Hong Kong Singapore Bangladesh 4071602 Hong Kong Indonesia South Korea New Zealand Philippines72209 Kong170222 China Hong Kong New Zealand6552328 China Hong Kong India3852362 Australia Hong Kong Indonesia Singapore India New Zealand268614 Australia China Hong Kong India142593 Hong Kong India3554 China Singapore Taiwan India119357 China India Sri Lanka83105 China Singapore Guam57169 New Zealand64125 Zealand103157 Hong Kong New Zealand3081097 Australia Indonesia Thailand India New Zealand Philippines Pakistan 91162 China Singapore India New Zealand43359 India Pakistan2154 Australia India 102546 Hong Kong India243367 Korea India New Zealand Malaysia55104 Australia China India136347 Australia49108 Australia Hong Kong Singapore India Bangladesh4755 Vietnam Thailand178722 China Hong Kong Indonesia Thailand India New Zealand Malaysia Philippines124661 Malaysia Sri Lanka Philippines137293 New Zealand3139 Hong Kong Vietnam Indonesia India Philippines1519 Thailand Malaysia103366 India198562 Indonesia Singapore India146759 Australia Hong Kong Singapore India Pakistan189816099 Vietnam Indonesia Pakistan63200 Australia Hong Kong India Philippines148256 China Indonesia Thailand Pakistan1911256 Hong Kong Thailand Philippines145733 Hong Kong South Korea India62212 Taiwan102272 India4670 Hong Kong Indonesia Taiwan Pakistan235722 Hong Kong Indonesia Malaysia15267505 Australia Singapore New Zealand Sri Lanka274975 Thailand New Zealand121254 Australia Hong Kong Thailand Taiwan India6381123 Hong Kong Thailand Philippines211759 China Indonesia Thailand Taiwan80172 Australia Thailand Singapore72237 Thailand New Zealand2371947 Hong Kong Indonesia Thailand India Malaysia Philippines113252 Thailand5591996 China Thailand Malaysia2375324 Australia Hong Kong Vietnam Indonesia Thailand South Korea Taiwan India Philippines112509 Hong Kong Vietnam Indonesia Philippines196408 China Hong Kong Indonesia Singapore130220 New Zealand Philippines168386 Kong1317 Hong Kong South Korea Singapore Bangladesh3151594 Hong Kong Thailand Philippines Pakistan2573908 Australia China Vietnam Indonesia India New Zealand Philippines201015366 Philippines2024 Australia Indonesia South Korea New Zealand65148 Australia China Hong Kong Indonesia Singapore New Zealand4372061 South Korea Singapore India Philippines Pakistan2271264 China Hong Kong Indonesia India New Zealand Philippines Cambodia5693 Kong New Zealand64162 Hong Kong Thailand India123389 Kong3111272 Taiwan India6896 Thailand Taiwan Malaysia Bangladesh74191 Australia Hong Kong Vietnam Indonesia India Malaysia Sri Lanka Philippines Cambodia923105854 Australia China Hong Kong Vietnam Indonesia Thailand South Korea Singapore India New Zealand Bangladesh186664 Australia China Vietnam Bangladesh Philippines5622512 China Thailand India119229 Hong Kong India76158 Australia Hong Kong 313875 Thailand417 Australia China Indonesia India107603 Kong204305 Australia Indonesia Singapore Taiwan India102293 Australia Bangladesh4255 Australia China Indonesia New Zealand59110 China Singapore Philippines129206 Australia China Indonesia Thailand96118 Hong Kong Vietnam Indonesia South Korea98313 Australia Singapore13032390 China India5399 Philippines2125 Hong Kong Philippines Guam4789 Hong Kong Indonesia Taiwan India New Zealand Cambodia146800 Kong5059 Australia Hong Kong Taiwan1618 Hong Kong Thailand India Malaysia Bangladesh Pakistan Cambodia146883 Korea2261 Korea1725 Korea61186 Korea491938 Korea58191 Korea2539 Korea3660 Korea2236