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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (121 subnets), Canada (41 subnets), Puerto Rico (2 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States Canada 7842269 States Canada60313107 States Canada16975604 States Canada British Virgin Islands146120017 States Canada477819156 States Canada 176638194 States Canada9163777 States Canada Puerto Rico23649222 States Canada Saint Kitts and Nevis11894958 States Canada227570 States2730 States Canada168610 States2733 States Canada3731293 States Canada92179 States Canada108179 States815 States517 States25 States7201721 States921 States76160 States27136313 States3580 States3496 States3961361 States70138 States3574 States172551 States Canada82129 States33 States113232 States1591281 States4011763 States3990 States165382 States Canada85197 States13447531 States111333 States57221 States215633 States57217 States Germany1932 States Canada170603 States59106 States Canada113275 States4374 States Canada106204 States109399 States2835 States2811424 States185630819 States34 States2662 States812 States2936 States34197 States212514 States117231 States2611014 States118258 States4477 States2665 States2855 States62166 States5790 States712 States3042 States Canada Puerto Rico259666 States Uruguay180366 States99 States88237 States1754 States50975 States42333 States1215 States Canada6889 States53137 States Canada113325 States5279 States224539 States91138 States2501161 States356779 States1822 States Canada81280 States8415202 States Uruguay Canada1772253 States Germany Canada174942 States2841142 States1931 States1042 States1026 States107266 States4765 States Canada1643476 States382519 States31178233 States611 States1891343 States Canada69150 States3995 States1116 States Canada18556886 States Canada233761 States64100 States2963 States Canada2831270 States8501569 States1516 States Canada247714469 States4584 States68117 States Canada103205 States124310308 States22 States71189 States Canada101245 States85105 States23505299 States66