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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (79 subnets), Canada (16 subnets), Australia (1 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States64112 States4668 States175417588 States1446 States44 States64156 States128204 States4274 States134324 States80440 States1951105 States209936 States66 States Australia93204 States931 States133654 States63224 States Canada108377 States6491 States3612105 States78126 States95131 States3793 States761884 States88181 States183791 States6823699 States69 States207892 States114335 States208407 States611 States Canada87210 States Canada237584 States Canada202525 States30143 States46 States1472002 States5048112690 States4189 States7921620 States716560571 States22 States1281255 States Canada304689 States22 States17227793 States5676 States99160 States119222 States125347 States Canada6773776 States259597 States Canada321612 States69104 States Canada27597810 States Canada3921692 States Canada112280 States284458 States94219 States Barbados286806 States84137 States46 States3550 States78 States3399 States612 States158274 States Canada Dominican Republic1432662 States232414253 States3555 States Canada4171917 States Canada5932304 States192600 States44 States127410413 States1972017 States5674 States1135