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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (132 subnets), Canada (35 subnets), Japan (1 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States Japan46 States1828 States56146 States4871 States813 States3248 States2533 States1215 States33 States1262 States223704 States Canada11913618 States58 States2244 States99 States88 States1315 States Canada6002264 States Canada Bermuda235880 States85218 States Canada2461359 States12 States47107 States99 States2021 States1643 States163523 States7481955 States10874103 States23 States63100 States61109 States2763 States Canada2003855 States272458 States4031254 States Canada156318 States711 States59 States22 States Canada2902823 States67 States817 States87624 States89187 States1941 States Canada12815349 States127406 States Canada259870 States Canada3521101 States2966102 States80139 States2231 States Canada32457983 States Australia1422227 States Canada251789 States173637 States84342 States413 States22 States28 States912 States54110 States2480 States4104923 States Canada204821 States Canada17123 States22 States74773 States405507 States129282 States4251113 States6987 States Canada268974 States56 States205804 States200614 States2538 States2661164 States720 States47 States62104 States Canada2970105703 States1014 States4673256 States Canada5351465 States182491 States66105 States4568 States3779 States5992266 States92216 States429 States311030 States94148 States1017 States26277 States120183 States210635 States2951 States Canada344909 States50155 States5843235 States80133 States Canada11454633 States33 States94272 States10663888 States2533 States South Korea77107 States Canada3822250 States Canada2061244 States Canada2621134 States Mauritius Canada4131393 States3752 States9703500 States2934 States47116 States813 States2044 States45 States35 States5873 States140269 States291659 States1221 States Canada Puerto Rico4861149 States362970 States144410 States4711390 States33 States3842