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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (161 subnets), Canada (42 subnets), Puerto Rico (3 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States2082 States58153 States10441416 States18828047 States251796 States173302 States1438 States178636 States237456 States3849 States4466 States83342 States85175 States2233 States16563865 States1014 States Canada260551 States8081771 States1220 States4701516 States6602774 States9269292 States1031189 States Canada108160 States45 States22 States1424 States Canada4752114 States222906 States438921552 States97153 States22 States200324 States117212 States1219 States177824 States219421 States4491203 States2449 States6880 States88201 States237518 States710 States63224 States24 States2543 States4872 States2439 States156286 States1449 States2433 States1112 States22 States Canada2011057 States12266616 States5177 States362924 States3342 States5883 States278731 States191830 States56 States3611193 States Canada3501453 States1620 States4661302 States Canada3302171 States7451920 States1463431 States183342 States Canada138265 States133286 States216363 States2765 States46148 States5985 States149246 States Canada10061419 States33109 States Puerto Rico208413420 States41133 States72115 States Canada2433 States3551319 States2299537 States4376 States126182 States3481984 States156385 States4873 States Canada129340 States12 States1116 States Puerto Rico109245 States Canada53394 States95124 States1431 States410781 States1981966 States87401 States104204 States98305 States1824 States2021252 States125279 States9235539 States Canada236736 States60103 States Canada3769 States3581551 States Canada103285 States Canada261467 States Canada34117774 States161739 States2831152 States4821552 States57123 States Canada346913 States2331 States88 States4553793 States77120 States Canada5721858 States93483 States3038 States50112 States Canada Puerto Rico 20543131 States53139 States4032589 States89 States Canada19719918 States7592362 States35544 States3411352 States730 States1014 States67 States328729 States168382 States4233377 States3234 States Canada Bermuda6091442 States Canada170424 States Canada2381654 States Canada106255 States Canada175461 States123309 States4041116 States251532 States94151 States3167 States99599 States210588 States Canada294523 States2632309 States3059 States8032149 States Canada92406 States58184 States249556 States77111