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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (94 subnets), Canada (45 subnets), Puerto Rico (4 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States Canada7333579 States266618 States4091431 States78 States5994110 States468932984 States167228 States104231 States130266 States15030043 States121239 States179505 States303849 States6442181 States Puerto Rico54109 States7311078 States7451023 States156570 States Canada British Virgin Islands16278567 States Canada7192930 States Canada7913221 States Canada12094564 States Canada12525559 States Canada17305485 States Canada10876468 States Canada12557095 States Canada7363319 States Canada934626272 States Canada12045036 States Canada12613871 States Canada144415620 States Canada25558569 States Canada13554666 States Canada11235323 States Canada Puerto Rico10615476 States Canada Puerto Rico12755444 States Canada Cayman Islands119811740 States Canada9004244 States Canada 12722631 States Canada8323035 States Canada14416168 States Canada Bahamas906517235 States Canada179811815 States Canada9183508 States Canada8674687 States Canada British Virgin Islands 952496379 States Canada8043189 States Canada8866223 States Canada 165212719 States Canada Puerto Rico3541097 States Canada4283163 States Canada300320371 States Canada510627534 States Canada12075539 States14028041 States6515485 States3164 States Canada95162 States130229 States206456 States44756510 States78108 States373530 States12378157447 States Canada6621804 States Japan Canada5751888 States34179595 States Canada1135395444 States1921 States18747240 States12814843 States161210260 States Canada7392809 States1619 States2027 States515 States Canada25894927 States6773653 States Canada162263 States315733 States3794 States104210 States 31978397 States22 States 3160 States Cayman Islands2643 States105452 States2571340 States Cayman Islands1414 States69 States1420 States3540 States4581150 States5165207