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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (206 subnets), Canada (59 subnets), Uruguay (4 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States52113 States21447 States207398 States195366 States2283 States5494 States155204 States137492 States2071342 States245526 States1324132471 States8741299 States Canada7543567 States6272383 States43111 States Canada17815691 States102158 States11 States3741411 States55 States5521473 States73101 States Cayman Islands1017 States2027 States134272 States1236 States2941510 States5951732 States4662777 States22 States88 States4742338 States Canada8752396 States Canada4067 States5681038 States Canada6614642 States Uruguay2227 States217440 States111263 States Canada3622471 States6895928 States Canada10174186 States34117 States5590 States1213 States120180 States 403718270 States125436 States154215445 States14926067 States229526 States182312 States8374486 States36206000 States1523 States4293 States Canada2736 States4721950 States117209 States251393 States53106 States1241935 States172618 States Canada177470 States139211 States28642 States5162842 States50103 States Canada3991152 States Zimbabwe3066 States Canada9434601 States Canada Puerto Rico3001546 States4021405 States Uruguay184628 States Sweden92113 States218430 States Canada7222905 States6272843 States Uruguay45258051 States48 States68142 States3277 States3093 States Canada3471541 States Canada5485992 States2343 States Canada86448 States914 States1111 States78 States1829 States Canada2711091 States100157 States12744376 States Canada163361 States85276 States1926 States10402418 States United Kingdom4351616 States5978 States7224037 States1118 States Canada4771186 States129205 States60126 States253534 States7584720 States313766 States3361508 States Canada3041251 States205580 States248520 States Canada423885 States9226192 States Canada13713823 States Canada112176 States5951971 States2941790 States Canada103405 States Canada4582 States2431510 States Canada2142 States6093 States3951620 States Canada13613814 States2821194 States Canada4786 States1212 States85130 States151266 States11544577 States Canada7031787 States149510066 States Canada4801735 States Canada5592335 States376596 States10782849 States127436 States297861 States2381174 States75138 States Canada3841035 States Sweden169417 States Canada9583573 States5942182 States4865 States Canada386956 States2459 States2835 States171318 States910 States Canada3691039 States106169 States39483 States14407150 States174699 States14175781 States6883949 States107168 States120412 States128287 States Canada400759 States Canada180599 States Canada37446165 States6931254 States11 States503319849 States145238 States Canada2955923 States Mauritius326739 States10673619 States Canada327537 States97168 States Canada117248 States11545055 States82124 States230532 States75100 States Mauritius7323837 States Canada8583238 States Canada35366451 States Canada190220187 States4074 States Canada5431573 States Canada72983670 States103274 States4956 States Canada210809 States Canada10221159 States4732213 States205711839 States16938792 States99638349 States18073602 States Canada11923642 States Canada Bermuda25447287 States1717 States6491616 States46185 States105179 States3422445 States Canada2851080 States6032387 States154228 States82120 States298616