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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in South Korea (36 subnets), Australia (24 subnets), China (24 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains Hong Kong75113 Australia Thailand Malaysia Bangladesh Philippines3131772 China Vietnam Pakistan2125 Kong80191 Australia Thailand South Korea New Zealand Bangladesh Philippines5888 China Hong Kong New Zealand Malaysia Philippines4812712 Kong116443 India 3056 Philippines8703464 China4376 South Korea Philippines3101719 Kong Taiwan3493184 India48118 Singapore Philippines 64154 New Zealand Malaysia6223605 Zealand3666 Zealand52581 China Hong Kong Singapore Pakistan9273528 Indonesia4187 China Indonesia New Zealand56255 Australia South Korea Taiwan66137 Vietnam Thailand New Zealand140544 China Hong Kong South Korea43269 Hong Kong India4561 Korea3655 Korea2438 Korea2231 Korea1919 Korea2131 Korea1113 Korea11 Korea3587 Korea2750 Korea3188 Korea1117 Korea2054 Korea1725 Korea124357 Korea119274 Korea166778 Korea3450 Korea48 Korea5997 Korea1219 Kong Indonesia90111 Kong168202 Korea1415 Korea1328 Korea3562 Korea3036 Kong99267 Philippines77 Taiwan100231 Australia Singapore269911 Korea1219 Korea40701 Kong Taiwan326917643 India143454 Hong Kong Vietnam Indonesia India4062560 Philippines3439 Korea2252 Korea2451 Korea1522 Korea72300 Korea1727 Korea1620 Kong Vietnam9267020 Indonesia200893