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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Germany (107 subnets), United Kingdom (103 subnets), Russia (65 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Spain Russia Portugal Moldova Sudan176531 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany Ukraine Iran8516584 Kingdom Germany Turkey Poland Kyrgyzstan108388 Kingdom Germany Sweden Belgium Ukraine Russia150647 Czech Republic Germany Italy Spain Norway Switzerland240781 Russia Slovakia129718 Russia198826 Germany Italy Spain Estonia Russia Poland5682115 Belgium Spain Ukraine European union2051465 Kingdom Germany Austria Spain Ukraine4641032 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Saudi Arabia Syria85208 Egypt Spain Russia Turkey Switzerland Saudi Arabia5162005 Kingdom Russia Portugal Slovenia Macedonia Kazakhstan2511910 Italy Spain Russia Poland Palestinian territories84214 Kingdom Germany Spain Ukraine Russia Turkey Croatia101232 Kingdom Germany Sweden Finland Austria Russia Iran2831127 Austria Italy Russia Norway Ireland106223 Kingdom Germany Portugal Slovenia3321976 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Italy Russia Kazakhstan3172886 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Russia Norway2651529 Kingdom Germany Bulgaria Spain Switzerland176644 Kingdom Spain Ukraine Kenya Gibraltar4688 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Belgium Spain Russia Switzerland3411543 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Hungary Austria Argentina Spain Russia Chile Saudi Arabia Luxembourg4131484 States United Kingdom Sweden Bulgaria Italy Switzerland Israel10953613 Ukraine Russia Slovakia Saudi Arabia64216 Republic France Austria Switzerland139847 Kingdom Germany Sweden Italy Switzerland Lebanon Moldova120423 Germany Italy Turkey Israel3341582 Kingdom France Russia Slovenia Iceland170410 Austria Belgium Italy Spain Turkey Cyprus259699 Kingdom Sweden3153 Russia Norway Iran Poland Saudi Arabia126432 Kingdom Germany Italy Spain Russia Armenia8905122 Kingdom Belgium Italy Switzerland Jordan177634 Kingdom France Bulgaria Spain Lebanon7584675 France Sweden Denmark Norway Slovakia2521057 Kingdom Germany Finland Italy Russia Jordan149757 Kingdom France Sweden Austria Bulgaria Italy Bosnia and Herzegovina72740 Hungary Spain Ukraine Switzerland Lebanon5536351 Kingdom Netherlands Austria Belgium Russia Switzerland162639 Kingdom Germany Ukraine Russia Switzerland Kyrgyzstan Armenia169966 Kingdom Germany France Italy Switzerland3162040 Kingdom Germany France Russia Slovenia2913113 Germany Bulgaria Italy Denmark Russia3773527 Kingdom Germany Italy Russia Saudi Arabia116282 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Italy Estonia Switzerland Azerbaijan Lithuania3884043 States United Kingdom Germany Hungary Italy Russia Cyprus99311046 Kingdom Spain Russia Kenya Poland89217 Kingdom Finland Bulgaria Turkey Iran Cyprus200705 France Hungary Austria Spain Poland4341629 Germany Hungary Austria Italy European union Lithuania120813450 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Belgium Russia Poland Switzerland98423672 States United Kingdom Netherlands Italy Romania Greece Denmark Switzerland115340 Switzerland Slovakia Portugal 2201482 Kingdom Bulgaria Italy Malta Luxembourg Moldova130409 Kingdom Netherlands Russia Turkey Slovakia Saudi Arabia2253513 Kingdom Germany Ukraine Turkey Georgia5613851 Kingdom Germany Spain Russia Poland Switzerland Lithuania12233419 Denmark Switzerland296792 Kingdom Germany Norway Saudi Arabia Republic of Serbia195755 Sweden Finland Belgium Spain6262027 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Spain Turkey6702582 Republic Germany Belgium Russia Turkey1601169 Finland Italy Spain Ukraine215970 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic France Spain Russia Poland8152517 Finland Belgium Ukraine Turkey Israel10943410 Kingdom France Austria Italy Russia Poland Republic of Serbia8765452 Kingdom Austria Bulgaria Italy Greece Denmark Saudi Arabia Latvia301803 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Belgium Norway Switzerland Saudi Arabia4762376 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Bulgaria Slovenia Georgia 8676271 Sweden Bulgaria Spain Cyprus Armenia169551 Kingdom Ukraine Russia Switzerland3901450 Sweden Bulgaria Spain Russia Poland84213 Belgium Russia Poland Saudi Arabia1991606 Italy Russia Poland Liechtenstein Qatar 8044255 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Italy Spain Ireland9954050 Czech Republic Germany Belgium Spain9036381 Republic Germany Italy Spain Iran Switzerland2862535 Kingdom France Sweden Spain Slovakia181872 Kingdom Germany Ukraine150910 Germany France Finland Russia5933883 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Italy4671970 Kingdom Netherlands France Sweden Spain Poland European union Slovenia328412268 Finland Ukraine Iran181390 Kingdom Germany Belgium Poland4791244 Kingdom Germany Austria Belgium Denmark European union Luxembourg137609 Kingdom Germany Austria Spain Slovakia6073407 Italy Ukraine Switzerland27111713 Sweden Bulgaria Italy Russia Poland Croatia53211119 Spain Russia Croatia5776571 Kingdom Germany Romania Denmark Saudi Arabia Slovenia Latvia123352 France Finland Italy Russia Switzerland1781113 Kingdom Hong Kong Germany France Austria Bulgaria Spain Turkey Iran Poland Lithuania10155200 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Hungary Russia Poland European union1771075 Kingdom Germany Italy Spain Denmark82320485 Turkey Switzerland Belarus Lebanon258755 France Denmark2521370 Kingdom Germany Belgium Russia European union Saudi Arabia7252363 Spain Turkey Switzerland Slovenia3932541 Kingdom Germany Italy Saudi Arabia Republic of Serbia132680 Kingdom Germany France Italy Switzerland European union Slovenia4542634 Kingdom Netherlands Bulgaria Italy Spain102308 Kingdom Germany Sweden60159 Kingdom Spain Poland105212 Sweden Greece Estonia Russia Saudi Arabia2739 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Hungary Austria Russia Turkey Slovakia4122626 Republic Ukraine Russia Turkey Poland Switzerland95292 Kingdom Germany Italy Ukraine9012525 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Spain Ukraine Russia215792 Germany Sweden Italy Kyrgyzstan14736039 Kingdom Germany Belgium Ukraine Russia Portugal12636125 Germany Russia Tajikistan5561874 Kingdom Netherlands Italy Ukraine Turkey European union241890 Finland Bulgaria Russia Israel Saudi Arabia169566 Kingdom Germany Bulgaria Switzerland Israel Lithuania Luxembourg5581547 States United Kingdom Germany Russia Saudi Arabia Slovenia Jordan271651 Kingdom Germany Russia Saudi Arabia61125 Russia Switzerland Macedonia Gibraltar39128 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Italy Spain2641253 Egypt Bulgaria Russia Poland Lithuania164592 Germany Belgium Italy4953845 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany Austria Bulgaria4822276 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Norway Turkey123715 Kingdom Germany Austria Poland Switzerland Ireland Iceland1551622 Germany Poland4751282 France Ireland2132 Kingdom45 Kingdom Netherlands Turkey1011 Kingdom1216 Kingdom2146 Kingdom2229 Arabia56 Kingdom1314 Kingdom84128 Spain Latvia2771995 Romania Turkey5023448 Kingdom Switzerland Ireland2931498 Finland40125 Russia58386 Kazakhstan327983 Kingdom Czech Republic Russia European union164433 Kingdom Netherlands2751718 Kingdom Switzerland4353 Kingdom Germany Sweden Italy Romania Saudi Arabia5889649 Belgium Spain2661124 Kingdom Norway2940 Denmark3361269 Poland4161203 Finland Poland104337 Kingdom Austria Italy Spain1831270 Luxembourg343791 Kingdom Netherlands74160 Kingdom Russia121310 Italy52193 Luxembourg79231 Kingdom11 of Serbia Czechoslovakia96287 Switzerland206563 Germany21308366 Austria184710 Kingdom1420 Morocco1525 Kingdom91180 Kingdom Germany47202 Kingdom Germany Hungary8775492 Belgium Spain Switzerland5542230 Kingdom Germany France Poland1795178745 Russia Switzerland Slovakia98458 Bulgaria Russia Luxembourg2951 Slovenia186391 Italy5924248 Kingdom80172 Kingdom Netherlands109183 Kingdom Russia3147 Kingdom129437 Norway3241