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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United Kingdom (85 subnets), Germany (77 subnets), Russia (66 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains Kingdom63201 Kingdom2037 Kingdom Netherlands Denmark Ukraine Russia Poland Switzerland Saudi Arabia Slovenia4602908 Germany Spain3491331 Kingdom Sweden24 Bulgaria Greece 115308 Poland96272 Kingdom612 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic69259 Switzerland66280 Italy Russia Latvia2561391 Russia5892731 Republic4171 France Portugal201717 Kingdom Netherlands Belgium99 Russia Liechtenstein3152319 Kuwait76176 Kingdom Estonia2537 Kingdom European union1928 Kingdom Germany Switzerland4195 Kingdom39255 Kingdom France5011488 Arab Emirates190372 Kingdom Netherlands Austria72219 Kingdom71217 Kingdom Netherlands Norway324869 Switzerland European union1523 Belgium4751393 Kingdom Germany France14112 Germany Spain Poland246986 Kingdom22 Russia Ireland2842 Finland Russia85362 Kingdom Slovakia2061466 Kingdom Germany Denmark308796 States United Kingdom Belgium165490 Russia133315 Bulgaria Bosnia and Herzegovina93255 States Italy Poland7033715 Ireland814 Kingdom66 Kingdom810 Kingdom3961 Kingdom1315 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic France Ukraine Russia Poland Slovakia2721821 Ukraine Russia Iran3271 Russia312 Ukraine1629 Kingdom111337 Kingdom5387 Kingdom3976 Kingdom115201 Kingdom Germany Russia Norway Turkey9005922 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Austria Spain Denmark Russia4041228 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Finland Bulgaria Ukraine Qatar173350 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Sweden Russia European union Georgia5163576 Sweden Finland Denmark Russia United Arab Emirates Kuwait44110528 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Ukraine Switzerland 187823546 Sweden Hungary Spain Russia Poland Portugal3651588 Russia Poland Macedonia Luxembourg170595 Germany Sweden Italy European union Saudi Arabia5083327 States United Kingdom Germany France Bulgaria Russia European union Monaco116312 Kingdom Germany France Finland Russia Norway249707 France Finland Spain Turkey Jordan4732071 Kingdom Finland Italy Greece Denmark Russia Cyprus1518190 Finland Russia Portugal Kazakhstan61139 Russia Turkey Switzerland7525140 Kingdom Germany Austria Turkey Slovenia2611830 Germany France Italy Greece Spain Brazil Turkey Switzerland7054346 Finland Austria Bulgaria Russia Norway Kyrgyzstan1692802 Kingdom Germany Sweden Poland Switzerland Portugal Ireland2721320 Iran European union Croatia138249 Germany Russia Turkey1962217 Italy Spain Croatia Cyprus Montenegro2672732 Austria Denmark European union185567 Republic France Spain Ukraine Norway Slovakia Israel2981521 Kingdom Netherlands France Egypt Italy Russia6644598 Austria Norway Turkey92467 Egypt Romania Ukraine Senegal4333638 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Thailand Sweden Ukraine Russia Turkey Poland European union Namibia6712136 Kingdom Netherlands Italy Ukraine Russia Poland Switzerland151513 Kingdom Germany Hungary Finland Austria Romania Slovenia Georgia4161732 Sweden Italy Russia Norway Poland Switzerland European union1751839 Ukraine Russia Ireland Lithuania87430 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Austria Ukraine Norway Switzerland Slovakia5613213 Kingdom France Norway Turkey Poland Slovenia2071133 Kingdom France Austria Spain Norway Switzerland5344585 Kingdom Netherlands France Sweden Hungary Austria Republic of Serbia Albania6132895 Sweden Austria Romania Spain Lithuania3241351 Kingdom Germany Italy Russia Saudi Arabia Lebanon Malta232713646 Kingdom Germany France Norway European union Saudi Arabia Luxembourg109652 Kingdom Germany Bulgaria Spain Russia Norway Iceland Malta206539 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Estonia Russia Ireland3061141 France Finland Bulgaria Ukraine Luxembourg Cyprus92816 Kingdom Germany Spain Denmark Russia100401 Kingdom Netherlands Italy Spain Russia142943449 Spain Russia Norway Azerbaijan Slovenia2341637 Finland Austria Denmark Switzerland195588 States United Kingdom Germany France Sweden Austria Italy Denmark Ukraine321725986 Kingdom Czech Republic Italy Latvia Lebanon15907766 Russia Iran Iceland32103 Kingdom Belgium Romania Spain Russia Algeria4781003 Kingdom Germany Hungary Italy Russia Syria4211889 Germany Sweden Spain Ukraine Norway European union4651810 Republic France Sweden Estonia Russia Poland Switzerland Latvia8125708 Belgium Spain Russia Slovakia European union Saudi Arabia Iceland161558 France Austria Italy Russia4352347 Italy Russia Turkey5551422 Norway Poland Belarus Saudi Arabia119457 Kingdom Germany Sweden Austria Denmark197712 Kingdom Germany France Finland Ukraine Turkey Poland Jordan Croatia974295594 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Sweden Italy Russia Norway 3192905 Kingdom Germany Italy Norway Switzerland 35918782 Belgium Russia Poland Switzerland Kuwait8626912 Kingdom France Spain Russia Portugal Ireland Lithuania Iceland3332000 Republic Germany Bulgaria Ireland Croatia120999 Republic Finland Spain Poland3742301 South Africa Belgium Russia Switzerland3183092 Czech Republic Spain Turkey150632 Republic Spain Poland2311243 Germany Switzerland112588 Hungary Slovakia Lithuania5033229 Kingdom Germany Republic of Serbia Czechoslovakia25147755 Kingdom Sweden Italy Poland Ireland215346 States Germany France Sweden Italy Denmark Switzerland Ireland102212 Spain4111416 France Switzerland Ireland Croatia3882824 Germany France Italy Norway11577564 Sweden Italy63263 Kingdom France Italy Portugal1927107 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Uzbekistan17429718 Iran Cyprus Albania6784886 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Austria Russia3632548 Italy176946 Kingdom Czech Republic Russia Saudi Arabia103263 Czech Republic Germany Belgium Russia155545 Kingdom Egypt Sweden Finland Italy2251512 Italy Switzerland Iceland3499 Germany Sweden Finland Belgium269761 Italy Slovakia8243806 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Finland Poland180744 Italy Iran1191457 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Austria Italy Poland6882764 Kingdom Netherlands Belgium Estonia Russia275920 Republic Germany Iceland3566 Kingdom Germany Russia Switzerland3242886 France Hungary Bulgaria Poland5272153 Kingdom France Austria Italy Norway282882 Republic Bulgaria Lithuania128599 Austria Spain Ukraine Poland136380 Kingdom France Russia Portugal98222 Kingdom Austria Spain Slovenia181011688 Kingdom Italy Switzerland Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan67203 Spain Ukraine Poland3659 Kingdom Russia Turkey375674 Italy Romania Iran Ireland69129 Norway912 Kingdom Czech Republic Austria2721360 Kingdom Netherlands Spain Norway Saudi Arabia226958 Sweden Ukraine Turkey7383709 Germany Norway241019176 Bulgaria Republic of Serbia182683 Russia Poland207666 Sweden Italy Russia3346 Italy Russia Turkey212700 Germany France Palestinian territories Czechoslovakia289544 Kingdom France Belgium Russia16277241 States Netherlands Russia Ireland5003234 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Russia Turkey European union90286 Kingdom Netherlands Belgium Greece2425049 Republic Finland Spain Slovenia113361 France Belgium Russia12624539 Russia Lithuania3761617 Kingdom Hungary Slovenia Croatia201647 States United Kingdom Germany France Belgium Italy Spain Turkey Ireland2361342 Italy63156