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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (204 subnets), Canada (84 subnets), Uruguay (5 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States Canada122303 States Canada181635 States Canada312132791 States Canada2151007 States 3711243 States3247 States7286786 States Australia13506622 States12664583 States Canada5651547 States268514256 States Canada198610210 States Canada323542 States50130 States Canada22362832 States8783441 States Canada4121546 States Canada14104339 States4182771 States Canada5172050 States10825531 States256765 States156418 States Canada6331390 States Canada5172307 States16706327 States213523 States Canada51411674 States146553 States1014 States5272 States1840 States Canada6211859 States Canada5141581 States204391 States Canada119228 States230852 States1662038 States5762743 States118509 States7621438 States Canada207930971 States86129 States Canada3322976 States Canada10404473 States Canada5792904 States4211499 States8791954 States Canada3172856 States5332203 States423832 States17453627 States556522306 States13702772 States1630 States Canada232429 States10442169 States Canada8121980 States79127 States Canada6031973 States107284 States Canada10494030 States Canada7894369 States10038969 States1697831008 States5432810 States1729 States239221823 States Canada6594124 States Canada17126163 States Canada196217120 States Canada6782097 States Canada291494 States6933639 States Canada4005889 States298680 States Canada Barbados5323002 States5982 States117164 States Canada1972143 States3221326 States311955 States10612267 States16125706 States Canada188677 States633417151 States12378707 States Canada2991827 States10942209 States Canada151612 States6793550 States7722924 States Canada266934 States Canada8922617 States15724753 States300638 States5351723 States204649 States4691645 States Canada Bahamas9803490 States Canada330914 States210116846 States Canada Cayman Islands6803824 States Canada5901331 States Canada3777014 States6381078 States35109 States3747 States103419316 States Australia10365647 States Uruguay Canada8592237 States219366 States Canada14902975 States Uruguay15774323 States91144 States15895948 States7333419 States7098 States168315 States Canada3721280 States332541 States168909 States Canada101317 States392871 States Canada10791706 States Canada6115512 States5501194 States198428 States Canada4571566 States Canada502149539 States105284 States Canada265463 States1826 States Canada4861391 States12508571 States2851003 States108318 States4153122 States21208 States4172469 States Canada376892 States1691277 States Canada112561021 States102214 States10405003 States165287 States64369 States4768 States3981449 States Canada11595523 States2782184 States89226 States Canada13051989 States Canada5522039 States102203 States167322 States Canada8665683 States66 States120438 States71123 States247686 States108206 States Canada61121 States Canada3121726 States2335 States186518 States150340 States97145 States Canada168016409 States158392 States Canada6603250 States Canada4121165 States4733760 States Canada3441361 States17825402 States28641 States Canada6572164 States8697240 States Canada213845 States4291184 States Uruguay6665414 States391863 States Canada5412289 States Canada10823753 States Mauritius88262 States369948 States Canada128381 States Canada127547359 States Canada8116894 States Uruguay Canada3457211 States299623 States8122750 States Uruguay11623614 States7886856 States Canada173011667 States245536 States3331202 States Canada Bermuda304692 States301217640 States Canada62121464 States Canada1823493 States69113 States Canada325684 States Japan2981007