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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (116 subnets), Canada (42 subnets), Puerto Rico (8 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States5464 States2435 States2450 States1515 States5159 States2942 States Canada187398 States4221492 States2030 States1516 States Puerto Rico4159 States264506 States3030 States Canada Puerto Rico2434 States Canada3052 States Canada Puerto Rico2323 States Bahamas1634 States Canada96140 States Canada1320 States Canada Puerto Rico1618 States Canada Puerto Rico3949 States96150 States Canada5290 States2991933 States2529 States Canada165968 States77 States Canada166496 States3945 States4553 States1920 States70105 States285473 States3345 States5790 States Canada2849 States151267 States191351 States81217 States401677 States72110 States1623 States98302 States2836 States78125 States1011 States80111 States66165 States284700 States4794 States355947 States108209 States3033 States5678 States Canada153308 States5376 States Canada Puerto Rico81227 Puerto Rico3580 States Canada Puerto Rico2550 States61274 States Canada140386 States6681 States78150 States2428 States2327 States4657 States64121 States143215 States3281 States1520 States Canada171313 States111277 States101138 States Canada61201 States Canada65105 States81159 States105193 States910 States70156 States313659 States277610 States3536 States5581 States4751 States370895 States Canada3149 States54114 States Bahamas70109 States Canada7191 States Canada2071067 States78156 States Canada5594 States2345 States6277 States6286 States45 States85236 States44 States2445 States Canada57114 States Canada96305 States258500 States3134 States147284 States Canada73145 States Canada Bahamas4348 States5374 States4031095 States Canada64148 States6083 States112132 States1430 States Canada4269 States Canada Bahamas85271 States3654 States Canada164266 States6395