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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Russia (27 subnets), United Kingdom (26 subnets), Italy (24 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Kingdom Netherlands France Sweden Spain Denmark Turkey Switzerland Macedonia11904752 Kingdom Netherlands France Turkey Poland Switzerland4891779 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Finland Italy Norway Turkey Iran Switzerland Macedonia4793334 Switzerland Macedonia62100 Kingdom Belgium Luxembourg3187 Bulgaria Italy Russia Nigeria57143 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Sweden Finland Italy Spain Slovenia82408 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Belgium Greece Luxembourg7188933 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Hungary Belgium Italy Spain Ukraine Russia Norway Iran Switzerland Belarus Saudi Arabia4082818 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Italy Spain Denmark Russia Turkey Iran Israel7044199 Republic Ukraine Russia1291208 United Arab Emirates22 Republic17135 Czech Republic Sweden Italy Spain Denmark Russia Moldova10317359 Republic Bulgaria Ukraine Russia Poland57185 Poland715 Sweden Italy Ukraine Russia Turkey Switzerland39115 Croatia4959 Romania36108 Republic Germany Finland Romania Spain Russia Iran Armenia2792077 Kingdom3237 Kingdom3031 Poland33 Iran Poland Slovakia Belarus46131 Ukraine Russia Poland Moldova287796 Kingdom Russia1658 Republic Poland Switzerland29124 Republic Russia 914 Poland2594 Czech Republic Ukraine Russia221424 Kingdom Netherlands France Italy Turkey European union10534567 States United Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Spain Ukraine Russia Ireland Azerbaijan205330876 States Netherlands Italy Iran Switzerland Azerbaijan2371419 Kingdom Germany France Ukraine Poland208640 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Italy Greece Russia Lithuania65156 Iran United Arab Emirates Luxembourg3887 Kingdom Germany Italy Denmark Russia Norway66262 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Russia Turkey Poland Ireland71310691 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Sweden India Russia Turkey European union12197098 Kingdom Netherlands France Sweden Austria Belgium Italy Spain Denmark Iran Ireland Lithuania Syria8899651 Spain3361492 Germany France Sweden Finland Denmark Russia Norway Luxembourg5241470 Kingdom710 Republic Italy Turkey2221267 Sweden Iceland Cyprus93156 Kingdom France Hungary Austria Spain Turkey292811660 Kingdom Germany Sweden Bulgaria Russia6594 States China Germany Kuwait5601202 Kingdom Sweden Italy Switzerland Ireland187918 Finland Austria Italy52377 Kingdom Germany Russia Belize96251 Kingdom90219 Kingdom France31378305 Hungary Italy Ukraine Turkey55117