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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Germany (37 subnets), Netherlands (35 subnets), Russia (30 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains France India Russia Switzerland170367 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Ukraine8983464 territories33 Germany France Italy Russia Turkey Slovakia84410224 Germany France Finland47780 Germany Hungary1233179 States United Kingdom France Sweden Spain Russia Republic of Serbia1161835 Russia Israel2348 Kingdom Germany France26213 Kingdom Germany France Poland2492100 Russia Poland237927 Greece Iran825 Italy12208522 Denmark Switzerland1313 Czech Republic Germany Norway75329 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Sweden Hungary Spain Ukraine Russia Ireland Israel Luxembourg7103122 Kingdom822 Germany France Denmark Russia124348 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Belgium Canada Turkey Saudi Arabia 7333532 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Finland Belgium Italy Spain Poland Switzerland Portugal Ireland781033504 Germany France Bulgaria Italy Romania Denmark Russia3274 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Spain Slovakia Azerbaijan1701603 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Spain Estonia Turkey Azerbaijan3011569 Kingdom Netherlands Austria Denmark Turkey165688 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Italy Turkey Poland255981 Iraq67 Kingdom France Russia40129 Germany Iran Malta63116 Kingdom France Turkey Switzerland307986 Kingdom Germany France Sweden Turkey Poland4331399 Kingdom Netherlands Romania Spain Denmark Poland Switzerland6713502 Kingdom Germany Finland Italy Spain Russia Iran Poland1981098 Russia Poland41288 Spain Russia5791173 States Russia Turkey1431174 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Hungary Belgium Bulgaria Spain Estonia Russia227760 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Belgium Italy Norway Turkey7784825 Kingdom Netherlands Spain Turkey Iran1126824 Romania Spain Russia228957 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Bulgaria Poland9905308 Kingdom Netherlands France Hungary5621616 Kingdom Norway1954 Kingdom Germany Russia Norway9553237 Norway Turkey5791949 Kingdom Netherlands Sweden85226 Kingdom Czech Republic Hungary Italy Denmark Turkey Iceland Croatia5241417 Germany Sweden Belgium Kazakhstan48221 Russia Lebanon2127 Germany612 Kingdom Netherlands Hungary Italy Republic of Serbia10123796 States Czech Republic Germany Sweden Hungary Romania Spain Ukraine Russia British Virgin Islands8032608 Thailand Sweden Nicaragua Madagascar Malawi New Zealand Russia Norway Malaysia Mexico Poland Senegal Mali Slovakia Tunisia Portugal Palestinian territories Zimbabwe Philippines Mozambique Peru Saudi Arabia Pakistan New Caledonia13861664 Germany Russia Ireland29136 Germany Spain Russia Turkey Luxembourg6404459 Poland Switzerland Moldova2369 Kingdom Netherlands France Austria Spain Russia Poland Switzerland Chile Iceland 3602892 Seychelles7982 Germany France Sweden Italy Spain Turkey Poland11255915 Romania5401244 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Austria Spain Russia Iran Switzerland European union Slovenia155570