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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in South Africa (32 subnets), Nigeria (22 subnets), Kenya (20 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains Africa Kenya 1315 Africa Ghana 1821 Sudan1543 Africa Kenya132261 Africa Nigeria2024 South Africa Madagascar Libya 3760 Nigeria 88 Tanzania South Africa Mozambique Nigeria261849 South Africa Malawi Uganda Mozambique Morocco Algeria 118888 Egypt Tanzania South Africa Kenya Ghana Nigeria 55188 South Africa Malawi Kenya Nigeria 2955 Africa Uganda Kenya1115 Africa810 South Africa Seychelles 159527 Africa Morocco Nigeria1928 South Africa Uganda910 Nigeria22 Africa1224 Africa89642 Madagascar1118 Africa Nigeria55 Uganda Kenya Ghana Zimbabwe Mozambique Namibia 3194 Egypt South Africa Uganda Kenya Ghana 56116 Africa35 Africa46165 Africa99 Ghana Sudan 1319 Africa Kenya Nigeria 3482053 South Africa Madagascar Kenya Ghana 202758 Nigeria 2326 Africa Kenya Nigeria4059 Kenya 1937 Africa Senegal Libya40200 Kenya1416 Ghana Algeria1319 Nigeria55 Kenya911 Africa 710 South Africa Kenya Swaziland 64122 South Africa Malawi Nigeria 3471 Egypt South Africa Uganda Kenya Nigeria1012 Uganda Kenya Ghana Zimbabwe Nigeria4167 Tanzania South Africa Malawi Uganda Angola Zimbabwe Nigeria Algeria 4371 Tanzania South Africa Malawi Uganda Kenya Ghana Nigeria 102230 Egypt Tanzania South Africa Kenya Mozambique Seychelles Nigeria Sudan 80146