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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United Kingdom (32 subnets), Germany (27 subnets), Netherlands (24 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Republic Russia Switzerland Iraq1176 Kingdom Netherlands Spain Russia Turkey3604926 Italy909467657 States United Kingdom Germany France Romania Spain Turkey Georgia 5202401 Kingdom Austria Italy Greece Turkey2181 Germany Iran Israel1081744 Italy1255 Kingdom Germany Italy Israel6291 Kingdom Moldova1724 States Sweden Italy Spain Ukraine Iran Liechtenstein8462073 Germany Sweden Belgium Romania Spain Russia8373445 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Belgium Italy Spain Russia Poland Switzerland Portugal Lithuania Croatia406917277 States United Kingdom Germany Sweden Turkey European union Latvia259778 Germany Spain Russia3522029 Kingdom Germany France Hungary India Spain Denmark3923250 Germany Sweden Spain Denmark Iran Poland Switzerland1821851 States Netherlands Germany Hungary Italy Russia Iran5084276 Kingdom Italy Russia Iran234869 Kingdom7553870 Kingdom Netherlands Russia12434130 Kingdom11 Arabia23 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Italy Romania Spain Denmark160948 Kingdom Netherlands Norway Israel112935 Kingdom Czech Republic Spain94596 Czech Republic Germany France Bulgaria237997 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Poland Switzerland15163504 Kingdom Sweden Belgium Italy Spain Poland2271170 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Finland Belgium Italy Spain Poland Switzerland Portugal Ireland Lithuania524427250 Kingdom France Italy Iran Switzerland Pakistan4964929 Iran Switzerland2485 Kingdom France Belgium Russia Poland Switzerland Ireland Luxembourg2031100 Kingdom Sweden Italy Norway96365 Kingdom Poland5191256 States United Kingdom Netherlands Sweden Bulgaria Ukraine Russia Switzerland Morocco5995462 Italy Slovenia22310520 France Spain1315 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Hungary Spain Russia Turkey Iran Ireland2271109 Kingdom Netherlands Italy Greece Russia Switzerland1161032 Kingdom Germany Italy Spain166562 Kingdom Netherlands Italy Russia2623241 Denmark Latvia85136 France Spain Poland Ireland 5931114 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Finland Italy Greece Denmark Ukraine Norway Belarus2831395 States Netherlands China Germany Uruguay Argentina Spain Sri Lanka Pakistan Lithuania Cyprus8532819 Austria2040 States United Kingdom France Spain Norway Iran Poland145409 Kingdom Finland Turkey2741715 Kingdom Sweden Austria Romania55109 Kingdom Netherlands Spain62616