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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Germany (74 subnets), United Kingdom (61 subnets), Netherlands (45 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains Kingdom Sweden Saudi Arabia81127 Republic Germany France European union113753 Kingdom65281 Kingdom4773 Kingdom Germany European union140446 Switzerland Cyprus2561160 Kingdom Sweden Austria Italy Spain1521079 Norway4651 Kingdom Ireland2151 Poland92221 Kingdom Spain150586 Kingdom France Switzerland4711460 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Norway Kenya96266 Kingdom Netherlands78167 States Germany2782099 States Germany Denmark2392553 Poland60122 Kingdom1923 Kingdom1415 Kingdom Spain Russia Switzerland42138 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Austria Ireland102381 Kingdom Netherlands73173 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Finland Bulgaria Denmark159568 Italy Switzerland Portugal6113948 Kingdom117168 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Norway Switzerland6822244 Switzerland48127 Kingdom55 Belgium289776 Kingdom Iran71266 Denmark Russia Poland 90219 Norway Latvia3247 Kingdom France Ukraine Russia1247 Estonia Norway Switzerland Slovakia126398 Egypt Hungary Austria Greece Russia Bosnia and Herzegovina European union66293 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany Italy Poland2512041 States United Kingdom Germany Finland Belgium123450 Kingdom France Finland Bulgaria Spain Norway4285925 Germany Greece Russia Poland Switzerland606720493 Kingdom Czech Republic Hungary Italy Ireland5283117 France Sweden Finland Ukraine Lithuania2372274 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Sweden Russia Latvia Lebanon2371351 Italy Latvia99367 Poland115279 Kingdom Germany Norway Poland Armenia144484 States Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Austria Spain Poland Luxembourg5592725 Kingdom Germany Italy146344 Spain Norway Switzerland5983183 Spain3811476 France Hungary Italy Spain64387 Italy Norway233872 France Sweden Belgium Norway92161 Kingdom Russia89170 Finland Russia1535 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Italy Turkey Poland Switzerland Republic of Serbia Yugoslavia4091809 Czech Republic Germany Sweden Finland Russia Norway11344700 Poland71187 Czech Republic Germany Hungary Belgium Spain Switzerland12159414 Russia Norway5582561 Sweden European union1922 Sweden Austria Denmark984220263 Egypt Spain Russia3063 Kingdom Finland Poland2741474 France Romania Ukraine Russia Norway Poland Latvia81252 States United Kingdom Germany France Italy Ukraine Russia Norway Kenya Israel10436131 Czech Republic France Poland498133269 Germany91223 Kingdom Netherlands Belgium Italy Russia Poland137708 European union125776 union47 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Russia European union1411000 Republic Germany Russia Poland9323855 Kingdom Germany101427 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Finland Iceland59210 Italy Spain Denmark Poland United Arab Emirates Switzerland238712245 Finland Russia Norway Poland5425903 Kingdom Italy Ukraine Saudi Arabia5641224479 Italy Russia Slovakia3191383 Kingdom58427 Hungary Finland Russia2145 Belgium63102 Republic Germany Sweden Russia Slovakia Georgia4202720 Kingdom Germany Italy Greece Slovakia114850 Kingdom1733 Kingdom108503 Kingdom Netherlands Italy Russia European union Malta250769 Finland Bulgaria Russia Norway Slovakia165621 Czech Republic Italy179423 European union88247 Sweden Russia Poland4431360 Republic Germany Sweden Belgium Denmark Ukraine Russia Poland Luxembourg4987357 Russia3955 Kingdom12 Kingdom210410 Kingdom67136 Germany Greece Switzerland124530 Egypt Iran European union Republic of Serbia25898024 Kingdom Netherlands Finland Belgium Slovakia4994061 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Finland Belgium Spain European union57242 Republic Germany France Hungary Spain Iraq71182 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Finland Bulgaria Spain Switzerland2541972 Greece Ukraine Russia Latvia83562 Kingdom Germany Spain European union3858 Republic Germany Sweden Norway Uzbekistan Bahrain174604 France Austria Italy Azerbaijan139215127 Belgium Bulgaria Romania Russia5702910 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Finland Singapore Ukraine3851135 Romania Greece Russia Azerbaijan138244 Sweden Finland Italy Iran Switzerland188495 Bulgaria Italy Ukraine Moldova2723893 European union Luxembourg1033 Kingdom Romania Russia Ireland 181473 Kingdom111246 Kingdom France Belgium Poland101912736 Kingdom1658 Republic Germany France Finland Switzerland European union Czechoslovakia105281 Kingdom Germany France Egypt Finland Italy6331531 Kingdom France Ukraine Turkey Poland3411254 Republic Germany Russia Switzerland Monaco4741607 Kingdom Italy Russia Norway112474 Morocco3251 Kingdom711 Kingdom102376 Kingdom132277 Kingdom176487