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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (163 subnets), Canada (47 subnets), Puerto Rico (5 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States Canada2531775 States Canada7536666 States320013541 States Canada2641147 States6433993 States420819 States118979 States345244292 States121524534 States Australia Canada118737335 States2471749 States39185281 States Canada3801397 States4041195 States66213203 States3661471 States16849440 States234384 States1418 States Canada386900 States Canada8313871 States14387451 States Uruguay Norway345636 States53743771 States2602343 States11506956 States Uruguay14843704 States11711828 States489526679 States60156 States44 States15159902 States12325607 States Canada7982270 States Canada12997610 States10723312 States Canada240710 States2058 States147518 States Canada3501517 States145309 States66 States6942367 States Canada10865070 States3348 States6389 States118156 States5679 States166276 States Japan Canada5553084 States8802115 States4881059 States Canada27334337 States305509 States159222 States287122818 States1747 States Canada275211985 States4781315 States Canada197386 States Canada3039878 States10107784 States2724507 States Canada194325520 States Canada4831734 States7937467 States573201365 States97181 States192397 States5063316 States640617030 States14458949 States131211 States411717 States338490 States102187 States185508 States Canada13158766 States Canada4491747 States5341776 States Puerto Rico4531101 States Canada442426006 States15947130 States9775919 States Canada252768 States108143 States12173331 States157248 States241018628 States64142 States201603 States155308 States Canada4512819 States Canada3151967 States652916355 States1313 States207311 States45149 States289783 States114220 States Canada30307811 States18168358 States8222920 States11622702 States Canada23710941 States1516 States1140 States2531064 States Canada6212003 States Canada6573552 States4762491 States137266 States5472 States63359 States99208 States Canada Bermuda6002329 States Bahamas16145774 States Canada9005809 States Canada Puerto Rico3984 States Canada141469 States3985 States21195460 States310747 States Canada176491 States Puerto Rico147293 States420691 States Canada1815002 States3713659 States33 States5583 States23826731 States132199 States76129 States125443 States232449 States Canada192672 States Canada146920797 States3891619 States191345 States471428085 States318795 States3061936 States10014156 States241911 States97175 States235341 States2834 States3041810 States6321107 States Canada122218337 States73100 States Puerto Rico7814803 States2741257 States7463653 States4061 States6201652 States Canada Puerto Rico16254279 States Canada5391574 States Canada12793217 States4043 States Canada3381040 States Canada5041365 States8551831