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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (175 subnets), Canada (52 subnets), Puerto Rico (3 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States252410 States33 States Canada34050224 States237331850 States Mauritius4767 States81103 States1213 States Canada12093423 States64124 States215616 States Mauritius Canada5842534 States22 States5672999 States3752 States2328 States72109 States3182300 States14127835 States710 States300932802 States13784150 States7433048 States Canada8812636 States6461810 States Canada150322 States1100819528 States9472021 States93117 States119329 States Canada31327384 States36137 States131720688 States2635 States160488 States Canada18513688 Rico91103 States Canada7891589 States 3811320 States Bermuda12634317 States2935 States4572 States Canada4351548 States Uruguay324824 States1729 States65150 States4262723 States253423 States3652 States16403677 States26278524 States4751216 States12773928 States Canada2613095 States Canada8211875 States126201 States70183 States810 States227645 States17156441 States16876835 States22 States1112 States11193660 States74104 States275691 States3335 States Canada2849296082 States Canada1657916 States Uruguay430867 States179308 States Canada44414369 States341828 States4755 States4781490 States Canada187379 States11404881 States Canada3551531 States41711688 States5762641 States11875226 States795015051 States13997824 States5421903 States Canada5651425 States Canada4611572 States Canada Puerto Rico12703132 States196410203 States189801 States200347 States Canada244712722 States Canada144503 States2914193751 States4621472 States2937 States8463842 States Canada4182368 States198623 States Canada545316892 States27532047 States Canada182413 States Canada4091009 States13813012 States6291318 States7021647 States Canada134428 States11 States Canada13755174 States Canada4392076 States Canada7083362 States12182267 States223347 States44 States177328873 States142540 States9514184 States Canada6842908 States Canada5551586 States1182435 States130194 States Canada 5153447 States388878 States Canada4351191 States5741275 States Canada274922 States428713249 States3050 States Canada139415618 States1113 States Canada8393521 States85122 States Canada6223987 States4270 States131413 States Canada8624037 States Canada4661352 States357623 States Canada6695887 States5294640 States4561394 States Canada9473097 States245480 States7932746 States30910815 States8802162 States Canada7212775 States21084722 States4684 States9223106 States81295 States Canada9864451 States Canada24787370 States158358 States326612021 States3740 States10956444 States Puerto Rico3451802 States14015792 States47 States Canada155485 States13603481 States14364989 States Canada14893360 States10321816 States3353 States Canada11763386 States113149 States6168115 States22 States Canada 68120 States 5875148 States173681 States105295 States Canada6931397 States7391 States Canada11836902 States86224