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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (121 subnets), Canada (35 subnets), (2 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States5341441 States151320 States5442468 States117168 States Canada Bahamas6801946 States30606052 States13724672 States Canada7206624 States431999 States4121637 States Canada15717722 States Canada125356 States357672 States18783579 States5972 States393597 States266413461 States Canada Bermuda2841204 States4661695 States100516 States Canada319010502 States125179 States2381736 States2022 States Canada9632345 States129310175 States Canada5501392 States Canada14337536 States7522995 States101129 States7083076 States Canada3991159 States114371 States159295 States5288 States845 States Canada37449445 States56107 States235319 States14175624 States49123 States Canada131311009 States Canada13503999 States1301355601 States Canada130825130 States3897 States6813085 States Canada245115893 States Canada 217711397 States Canada2601518 States977 States34161 States3291162 States10993724 States242030298 States Canada 6743020 States Canada1671704 States6926273 States Canada9363118 States19108464 States140245 States Mauritius Canada17636712 States473371296 States250522893 States141287 States Mauritius Canada10133784 States Canada212590 States153210450 States Barbados292823002 States294490 States Canada151297 States67 States1415 States Barbados124259 States2538 States4761259 States8552368 States1517 States2901261 States100199 States3698161292 States392334376 States1013 States74147 States410744232 States21746494 States145249 States4652 States2526 States2339 States2528 States2344 States2527 States4150 States6601576 States25027968 States Canada356911558 States570321542 States18816110264 States Canada353912903 States Canada391814 States Canada303828 States410725255 States Canada9472699 States3211251 States15215792 States Canada170680 States Canada10683793 States Canada525 States15259407 States345320443 States Canada327613 States3856 States159255 States4556 States3033 States112142 States9937582 States656651315 States Canada5221175 States500818651