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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (70 subnets), Canada (14 subnets), Barbados (2 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States Canada195635 States Canada4494367 States Canada4941299 States353419612 States6311990 States8342474 States46109829 States160311590 States Canada278012075 States9103459 States Canada215472 States Canada4335691 States Canada17216697 States Canada10682863 States192290 States65110 States139348341 States110276 States36308602 States4054780 States Barbados8232999 States4353 States6281 States101219 States8662739 States 2671247 States Canada260912 States Canada342438007 States1519 States1420 States621940061 States228616809 States4681340 States182271 States5532686 States67 States1531246152 States2636 States250621 States17487081 States Canada184411 States9196377 States424537179 States162360 States2933 States Puerto Rico232552 States Barbados12526723 States684837585 States Canada90128 States301457 States Canada197320995 States4775 States4459 States93137 States3443 States121310 States90111 States14146 States115164 States137378 States14233209589 States Canada103717405 States8305841 States73634966 States205307 States426518680 States2771511 States5092067 States3943 States77118