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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United States (57 subnets), Canada (26 subnets), Puerto Rico (2 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States Canada4151192 States718 States286491 States162246 States127155 States160265 States261750 States Canada312620002 States Canada136422 States484810 States259110662 States303311864 States204215699 States Canada384910174 States83110 States8393858 States4112128 States475542481 States153223 States1925 States2528 States757314096 States Canada7452049 States Canada British Virgin Islands4862351 States Canada12394980 States Canada Puerto Rico7332550 States Canada 10532585 States Canada Cayman Islands2045115599 States Canada7116267 States Canada9995804 States Canada Taiwan Puerto Rico9602657 States Canada11544146 States Canada134212197 States Canada6381143 States231514092 States10424427 States Canada7562087 States7082438 States77112 States Canada25579598 States6642718 States12513465 States Canada260116784 States22286568 States27268324 States35889339168 States4955370 States78160 States237709 States Canada4151040 States Canada122473 States4352 States7692112 States Canada4322188554 States Canada2692864 States357941 States268440