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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Germany (38 subnets), Netherlands (38 subnets), United Kingdom (38 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Arabia88 Russia4631166 Latvia1832 Russia510 Lebanon47159 Kingdom Syria2328 Republic of Serbia89 Ukraine2333 Republic Slovakia1933697 States Netherlands Germany France Belgium Italy Romania Canada Spain Switzerland Ireland220470 Kingdom Denmark9843045 Bahrain1113 Malta46234 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Finland Austria Belgium Italy Denmark Russia Switzerland175912534 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Belgium Italy Spain Russia Turkey Switzerland Ireland11195319 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Finland Austria Belgium Italy Russia Norway Switzerland Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic of Serbia Cyprus5034464 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Austria Spain Denmark Russia Norway Turkey Switzerland Ireland Lithuania15368129 Kingdom Germany Bulgaria72241 Iran Bosnia and Herzegovina69222 Republic Bulgaria Bosnia and Herzegovina51413472 Poland Lithuania Cyprus10616902 Austria79 Romania4321491 Kingdom Finland109252 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Ukraine Russia Poland6512484 Russia Norway Poland110245 Kingdom Italy Poland Moldova210762 Ukraine Lithuania75152 Kingdom Germany Sweden Finland Ukraine Russia Poland Portugal10181954 Kingdom Czech Republic Turkey Georgia Cyprus Bahrain194010898 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Italy Romania Ukraine Slovakia European union Latvia163619695 Russia Norway Slovenia30414304 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic France Sweden Finland Bulgaria Italy Spain Russia Norway Switzerland Tajikistan Cyprus5657565 Kingdom1717 Kingdom1318 Kingdom1416 Kingdom1825 Kingdom813 Kingdom2329 Kingdom1923 Kingdom1726 Republic Iran1911361 Finland Russia Republic of Serbia1311393 Norway30118 Kingdom Sweden Ireland52129 Kingdom Italy Russia75126 Finland Belgium Spain Ukraine Russia Switzerland225816 Hungary Norway74151 Hungary Slovenia1872260 Kingdom Germany Austria Italy Russia European union2421156 Kingdom Hungary Denmark Russia Bosnia and Herzegovina Saudi Arabia Lithuania4303734 Ukraine Russia Norway Poland Montenegro7077026 Italy Russia Norway Turkey Poland10614585 Kingdom Germany Romania Russia European union Saudi Arabia202516416 Kingdom Netherlands France Denmark Estonia155519 Denmark Russia Slovakia Slovenia158918 Germany Sweden Austria Lebanon10444129 Republic Germany Russia Poland4443512 Republic Germany Austria Iran Poland Croatia85314 Kingdom Sweden Bulgaria Italy Russia Ireland Bosnia and Herzegovina4343475 Kingdom Germany Italy Ukraine Russia Switzerland Bosnia and Herzegovina63199 Kingdom Czech Republic Sweden Finland Italy Spain Estonia Russia Saudi Arabia Latvia8324565 Kingdom Netherlands Belgium Italy Spain Russia Norway Latvia Lithuania4091608 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Hungary Austria Italy Russia San Marino152389 Kingdom Netherlands Hungary Belgium Denmark Russia European union Malta6996195 Kingdom Germany Sweden Austria Bulgaria Italy Ukraine Russia Switzerland Azerbaijan Tajikistan3555366 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Russia Turkey Poland Switzerland Jordan13879203 Kingdom Germany France Italy Spain Russia Switzerland4451926 Kingdom Netherlands Denmark Russia Norway Slovakia Republic of Serbia Seychelles Albania3512009