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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Russia (23 subnets), United Kingdom (23 subnets), Germany (21 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains States United Kingdom Japan Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Hungary Austria Belgium Italy Canada Russia Norway Poland Switzerland Ireland Malta Republic of Serbia Moldova 129018295 Kingdom Ukraine Russia73231 Ukraine Norway50195 Ukraine1829 Poland Bosnia and Herzegovina Latvia59183 Russia Portugal1819 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Romania Ukraine Russia Poland Ireland European union Luxembourg9804200 Kingdom4774 Kingdom152491 Spain1911043 Kingdom Netherlands France Sweden Austria Belgium Bulgaria Italy Russia Turkey Switzerland8596184 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Austria Belgium Russia Norway Poland Slovakia Bangladesh 4273449 Republic2961 Republic70109 Kingdom128146 Arabia4455 Republic60111 Kingdom109132 Czech Republic Sweden Hungary Bulgaria Greece Russia Ireland Lebanon7684755 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Denmark Ukraine Russia Iran Poland Azerbaijan Armenia Iraq14776547 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Sweden Belgium Italy Estonia Russia Iran Switzerland Saudi Arabia Malta Bahrain5212787 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Denmark Ukraine Russia Turkey Iran Azerbaijan6453765 Republic Bulgaria1561986 States United Kingdom Belgium Italy Canada Switzerland21828808 Portugal66219 Poland201738 Malta203362 Croatia138171 Ireland1038 Kingdom Czech Republic Spain10364014 Kingdom Germany Ukraine Ireland6826821 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Belgium Russia Switzerland10159916 Russia Georgia2141 States United Kingdom Netherlands Hong Kong Germany Italy Russia Poland Belize Malta Cyprus Gibraltar Seychelles20818809 Kingdom Slovakia Luxembourg54205 Bulgaria3172116 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Denmark156599 Italy Ukraine Poland102271 Russia Ireland Slovenia94911883 Kingdom Bulgaria Ukraine Iran Latvia Kuwait70234 Russia Poland Switzerland Ireland Montenegro88264 Kingdom Czech Republic Denmark Russia1471544 Kingdom Czech Republic Denmark Iran Lithuania Macedonia3091372 States United Kingdom Russia Iran Lithuania Cyprus5398 Kong Germany Bulgaria Italy Ukraine Russia Turkey Poland4701037