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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Italy (44 subnets), Russia (25 subnets), Poland (15 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Bulgaria Italy Spain Russia Turkey Poland Belarus Saudi Arabia Lithuania10309242 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Belgium Italy Spain Russia Turkey United Arab Emirates Switzerland Bahrain138410831 of Serbia Czechoslovakia2644 Republic Germany Bulgaria Ukraine Russia Poland European union Republic of Serbia2561333 Russia161848 Kingdom Hungary30141 Kingdom Turkey2943 Poland1582919 Republic Iran78375 Belgium Bulgaria Russia Iran Latvia171837 Russia Poland Lithuania Aland Islands3932115 Bulgaria Russia Iceland Jordan48151 Kingdom Italy Ukraine Russia Norway Poland Latvia61119 Russia366967 Russia79199 Austria Italy Greece Russia Ireland Moldova3732577 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Finland Denmark Russia Poland Switzerland113428 Czech Republic Germany Sweden Denmark Ukraine Russia Lithuania Luxembourg Kazakhstan525983 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Austria Russia Iran Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro9784505 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic France Sweden Austria Belgium Spain Denmark Russia Norway Turkey Ireland Tajikistan 149061941 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Hungary Finland Italy Spain Ukraine Russia Norway Turkey Iceland4423197 Russia71222814 Kingdom Russia Poland4354 Kingdom France Belgium Russia Iran European union5457234 Russia Iran Poland Republic of Serbia3743149