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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United Kingdom (68 subnets), Germany (51 subnets), Italy (46 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Kingdom1318 Kingdom2129 Kingdom3485 Kingdom912 Kingdom5698 Kingdom2055 Kingdom3033 Kingdom1010 Kingdom1952 Kingdom1313 Kingdom1821 Kingdom913 Kingdom68 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Hungary Finland Austria Italy Spain Ukraine Russia Norway Kazakhstan4322288 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Belgium Spain Russia Norway Bosnia and Herzegovina6194084 Finland Austria Belgium Italy Spain Estonia Russia Iran Switzerland Liechtenstein212992 States Germany France Sweden Italy Spain Denmark Russia Switzerland European union170374517 Kingdom Germany Sweden Italy Spain Russia Poland European union8723248 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Finland Russia Iran130913676 Kingdom Germany France Sweden Italy Denmark Ukraine Russia Israel Latvia Republic of Serbia Czechoslovakia4081466 Kingdom Finland Italy Denmark Russia Bosnia and Herzegovina Malta133436 Sweden Bulgaria Italy Denmark Russia Poland6193248 Germany Sweden Austria Italy Spain Ukraine Russia2491348 Kingdom France Finland Italy Switzerland Israel Republic of Serbia201229644 States United Kingdom France Sweden Hungary Finland Austria India Russia Iran Switzerland305973 Kingdom Sweden Italy Greece Russia Switzerland3462106 States United Kingdom Germany France Hungary Austria Denmark Ukraine Russia Lebanon Georgia Malta Macedonia 72211646 Republic Germany France Sweden Bulgaria Ukraine Russia Albania1871082 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Italy Estonia Lebanon7697369 Kingdom Sweden Austria Bulgaria Spain Denmark Russia Switzerland Croatia Uzbekistan Albania3935910 Kingdom Germany Finland Austria Spain Russia Poland Slovakia Latvia4881689 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Italy Denmark Russia Poland17348851 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Sweden Finland Italy Switzerland European union Georgia7966329 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Sweden Spain Ukraine Russia5823661 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Sweden Hungary Russia Poland Malta2921979 Kingdom Germany Sweden Italy Romania Norway Switzerland Slovakia European union138912794 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Russia Slovakia Bosnia and Herzegovina European union5793049 Kingdom Germany Sweden Finland Belgium Italy Spain Denmark Bahrain3782237 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Denmark Russia Norway Switzerland Lebanon234827 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Ukraine Russia Slovenia Latvia Jordan Luxembourg Albania4391045 Italy Spain Ukraine Russia Norway Albania4884134 Republic Germany Austria Ukraine Russia Georgia Luxembourg3049846 Kingdom France Austria Italy Ukraine Russia Turkey Ireland Malta Republic of Serbia Czechoslovakia138712286 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Italy Spain Poland Switzerland Slovakia Belarus Monaco4373527 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Hungary Finland Bulgaria Russia Slovenia Bahrain4052498 Kingdom Germany176690 Kingdom210427 Kingdom France Sweden Belgium Italy Spain Switzerland Ireland3304256 Kingdom2331014 Kingdom73105 Kingdom94156 Kingdom Israel3831207 Republic145448 Kingdom1114 Finland Austria Italy Poland United Arab Emirates264112680 Kingdom1516 Kingdom111330 Kingdom121573 Kingdom4764 Arab Emirates59107 Kingdom194354 States United Kingdom Germany Spain99908 Latvia116205 Kingdom Estonia2774 Belgium45109 Russia279380572 Kingdom Poland Switzerland80183 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Austria Italy Spain Russia Norway Poland European union5294459 Kingdom Austria Russia Poland European union Lithuania92415 Kingdom Germany Austria Italy Norway Poland Liechtenstein Georgia Kazakhstan Bahrain8166297 Germany Switzerland Slovakia Bosnia and Herzegovina3462072 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Austria Ukraine Russia Switzerland Lithuania Malta5282021 Kingdom Germany Sweden Hungary Italy Spain Russia Poland Israel Cyprus7633024 France Sweden Austria Belgium Italy Greece Spain Ukraine Russia Poland Switzerland3791438 Germany Finland Russia Israel Slovenia12596350 Kingdom Netherlands France Tanzania Italy Russia129815535 States United Kingdom Netherlands France Sweden Finland Denmark Russia Norway European union Iceland Liechtenstein15065354 Kingdom Netherlands Hungary Italy Ukraine Russia Poland Ireland Belarus European union5735667 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Estonia Russia Iran Slovakia European union2331671 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Sweden Denmark Russia Portugal164503 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Sweden Austria Italy Ukraine Russia Poland5814624 Kingdom Netherlands Bulgaria Spain Russia Turkey Iran Croatia2751033 Kingdom Germany Sweden Italy Ukraine Russia Norway Switzerland Latvia201667 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Argentina Italy Spain Russia Switzerland Latvia Luxembourg267759