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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United Kingdom (76 subnets), Russia (31 subnets), Netherlands (31 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains Republic Hungary Norway119226420 Russia2123 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany124829383 Kingdom Germany Austria Russia6074496 Russia Cyprus3595211 Kingdom Austria Russia5982 Kingdom Poland Switzerland61100 States Germany Denmark Switzerland Lithuania5262903 Turkey86359 Russia3957 European union55145 Iran130327 Switzerland2636 Iceland90621 Sweden Hungary Finland Austria Lithuania Georgia183811 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Hungary Finland Ukraine Russia Switzerland Ireland Bosnia and Herzegovina Slovenia Republic of Serbia9229745 Germany France Romania Russia Poland Switzerland5094395 Kingdom Czech Republic France Finland Austria Spain Denmark Russia138827857 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Spain Estonia Russia Portugal European union Kyrgyzstan 6942330 Kingdom Netherlands Austria Italy Estonia Turkey Poland Ireland Azerbaijan European union Saudi Arabia Cyprus64623089 Hungary Finland Romania Russia Turkey Bahrain8095131 Kingdom Netherlands France Italy Ukraine Russia Switzerland256891 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Italy Romania Spain Ukraine Russia Ireland Republic of Serbia2151355 Republic Germany France Sweden Austria Italy Spain Ukraine Estonia Russia Belarus Luxembourg 4904252 Germany Sweden Italy Russia Norway Poland7887491 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Italy Denmark Norway 8685509 Germany France Austria Italy Russia Iran Switzerland2435743 Kingdom Netherlands Finland Italy Russia Norway Switzerland European union10697109 Czech Republic Germany Italy Ukraine Russia Poland5323679 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Finland Austria Italy Denmark Iran 93320266 France Algeria2659 Kingdom11 Kingdom Netherlands713 Kingdom5268 Kingdom11 Kingdom Germany France Sweden Belgium Italy Russia Norway Slovakia Ireland European union Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan46757519 Kingdom Germany Romania Spain Russia United Arab Emirates Slovakia Armenia4944307 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Finland Ukraine Russia Iran Portugal Slovenia2861266 States United Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Russia Turkey Iran European union99917105 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Hungary Austria Belgium Spain Switzerland Portugal European union Luxembourg Iraq8055515 Kingdom Netherlands France Sweden Hungary Spain Norway Bosnia and Herzegovina14508489 Kingdom Sweden Hungary Austria Russia Switzerland Bosnia and Herzegovina Latvia3341524 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Belgium India Spain Denmark Ukraine Russia Poland Georgia Uzbekistan Iraq140225481 Kingdom55 Kingdom1415 Kingdom88 Kingdom2527 Kingdom911 Kingdom2449 Kingdom1319 Kingdom1417 Kingdom89 Kingdom1731 Kingdom1632 Kingdom1117 Kingdom2232 Kingdom2335 Kingdom2843 Kingdom66 Kingdom2426 Kingdom1724 Kingdom57 Kingdom3031 Kingdom5690 Kingdom7399 Kingdom79 Kingdom6790 Kingdom110179 Kingdom77141 Kingdom33 Kingdom1315 Kingdom107307 Kingdom130273 Kingdom162609 Kingdom22 Kingdom1011 Kingdom55 Kingdom159232 Kingdom1417 Kingdom2631 Kingdom1214 Kingdom1819 Kingdom66 Kingdom2931 Bulgaria Romania Denmark Poland33184 Republic Ukraine Poland Slovakia20104 Kingdom Poland81156 Belgium5329305820 Kingdom Sweden93181 Kingdom Netherlands Greece42310419 Germany2891801 Kingdom Italy4423055 Finland Norway109472 Kingdom3942 Kingdom2125 Moldova162802 Greece1841 Kingdom126556 Kingdom Israel Nigeria 79 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Italy Russia3531509 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Belgium Italy Russia Switzerland8753559 Finland European union6843078 Poland91200 4965