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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United Kingdom (84 subnets), France (45 subnets), Netherlands (42 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains Kingdom1416 Kingdom Ireland3561 Kingdom3145 Kingdom2126 Kingdom44 Kingdom1011 Kingdom814 Kingdom812 Kingdom1216 Kingdom57 Kingdom33 Kingdom1117 Kingdom1112 Kingdom1113 Kingdom1821 Kingdom810 Kingdom3244 Kingdom612 Kingdom77 Kingdom912 Kingdom40103 Kingdom1314 Kingdom914 Kingdom56 Kingdom814 Kingdom1417 Kingdom1921 Kingdom1318 Kingdom1521 Kingdom1126 Kingdom913 Kingdom1113 Kingdom78 Kingdom53115 Kingdom1011 Kingdom1214 Kingdom1239 Kingdom1218 Kingdom89 Kingdom1011 Kingdom1929 Kingdom2022 Kingdom2941 Kingdom4194 Kingdom1212 Kingdom1741 Kingdom149262 Kingdom131204 Kingdom81163 Kingdom3403283 Germany France Sweden4263149 France Russia Monaco2171233 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Spain Switzerland European union Venezuela Liechtenstein3827647230 Republic Sweden Finland Norway Iran2961027 Republic Germany Sweden3054775 France Bulgaria2433 Israel Cyprus3951875 Denmark4101832 Kingdom84107 Kingdom85151 Kingdom59128 Kingdom3786 Kingdom Germany France Italy Russia Poland Iceland204498 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Italy Monaco7203616 Republic Russia Republic of Serbia Cyprus Albania 71150 Kingdom Germany Sweden Italy Iran Poland Kuwait Kazakhstan119547 Finland Spain Russia Norway Kuwait Cyprus76341 Republic Sweden Ukraine Russia Norway Liechtenstein Republic of Serbia147328 Kingdom Germany Sweden Finland Ukraine Russia Saudi Arabia174776 Republic Germany Bulgaria Italy Slovakia2813841 European union811 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Sweden Bulgaria European union81555 Spain Switzerland European union94194 Estonia123694 Kingdom59 Kingdom Finland4452 Norway100314 Lithuania5031617 Kingdom Netherlands Switzerland111328 Russia Syria2254 Kingdom France Russia Switzerland205609 Germany Poland111259 Russia117436 Germany Hungary Finland Ireland1611173 Republic Russia61209 Italy Denmark Poland195719 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Hungary Spain Ukraine3251722 Kingdom Germany Sweden Italy Turkey Poland Iceland7845305 States United Kingdom Belgium Bulgaria Russia Norway Poland Switzerland9554209 Kingdom Bulgaria Denmark Russia Norway Saudi Arabia3302553 Kingdom Netherlands Russia Norway Iceland187505 Austria Italy Slovenia2651832 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Hungary Austria Spain Turkey68511750 Russia Turkey European union1221262 Kingdom83130 Kingdom81776 Kingdom2362 Kingdom Germany France Italy Spain37852484191 Belgium2040 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Austria Denmark Switzerland Slovenia7168413 Sweden Italy Ukraine Russia Latvia Croatia2771152 Spain Russia Norway Azerbaijan Bahrain151316908 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Russia Switzerland Ireland8017139 Kingdom Netherlands France Sweden Norway5671656 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Sweden Finland Austria Poland Switzerland European union5417521 Kingdom Germany Spain Russia Ireland5963342 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Sweden Finland Spain Russia Norway Belize Aland Islands Armenia4371577 Kazakhstan3253 European union4053919 Republic Russia2336 Kingdom Finland1840 Russia114264 United Arab Emirates1213 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany South Africa Spain 6322264 Ukraine5221821 Republic Romania Russia Republic of Serbia100324672 Republic Sweden Russia Belarus49153 Germany France Poland Switzerland9682888 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany Italy Denmark European union Georgia6351953 Belgium Jordan158788 Spain Palestinian territories36145 Poland Slovenia Croatia Republic of Serbia1321 Finland Italy Uzbekistan71304 Kingdom38105 Spain Portugal280013535