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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Netherlands (33 subnets), United Kingdom (24 subnets), Germany (21 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains Bulgaria56107 Romania34811262 Kingdom37 Kingdom1212 Kingdom3645 Kingdom1722 Republic Germany France Denmark Russia Norway Turkey Poland Switzerland Slovakia141613597 Sweden Belgium Russia Turkey265758 Kingdom Italy Russia Portugal Ireland Jordan3732859 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Sweden Bulgaria Italy Denmark Russia8974930 Kingdom Finland Spain Norway Switzerland Ireland Slovenia Cyprus Albania4002829 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Hungary Bulgaria Russia1861066 Kingdom Germany France Bulgaria Russia Saudi Arabia Albania Antarctica7296159 Kingdom Germany Sweden Russia157582 Kingdom Germany Italy3542458 union44 Germany Italy Norway Poland European union Latvia8865507 Germany Spain Ireland Slovenia228834 States United Kingdom Germany Bulgaria Poland European union4282802 Bosnia and Herzegovina Slovenia3470 Republic Russia65178 Kingdom Bulgaria1623 Turkey74255 Kingdom Netherlands Germany8212417 Iran United Arab Emirates Slovakia3744 Kingdom Russia Turkey Ireland Barbados6655023 Russia Norway Slovenia106199 States Netherlands Russia190554 Russia Uzbekistan61238 Sweden Switzerland142545 Kingdom96226 Kingdom1111 States United Kingdom Germany Austria Italy Spain Switzerland27328786 Kingdom Germany Belgium Bulgaria Poland Belarus European union13159455 Greece Norway Poland European union2440 Kingdom Netherlands France European union40224 Spain174684 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Hungary Austria Belgium Italy Spain Switzerland191931 Kingdom Finland Ukraine Norway Poland Moldova6341951 Arabia46 Spain2128 Latvia2544 Denmark45114 Romania2232 Lithuania2230 Iran Switzerland2913251 Republic Bulgaria Russia242646 Sweden Norway4831142 Czech Republic Sweden Russia5124332 Germany Slovakia Latvia171305 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Italy Spain Denmark Kuwait11849304 Romania Norway271914 Kingdom Bulgaria Russia36193 Italy Russia Switzerland229472 Greece Russia3611208 Bahrain3011128