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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Russia (41 subnets), Germany (37 subnets), Italy (30 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Kingdom Germany Sweden89179 Iran Latvia11228667 France Belgium Slovenia Croatia317117913 Bulgaria Poland147392 Kingdom Netherlands France Spain Russia2611876 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Austria7724153484 France Bulgaria Poland3681795 Iran Latvia2044 Denmark211579 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Egypt Sweden Finland Austria Canada Greece Denmark Ukraine Russia Turkey Poland Switzerland Morocco Lithuania Liechtenstein Croatia Bermuda Cyprus 684038838 Denmark3160 Poland1628 Turkey Kazakhstan1314 Russia Macedonia83243 Kingdom Germany France Indonesia Austria Italy Spain Russia Turkey Poland Latvia Liechtenstein8646123 Republic2224 Republic2031 Kingdom Germany Belgium Italy Russia Portugal6113655 Italy Denmark Estonia Russia Norway Poland114379 Kingdom Netherlands Hungary Austria Ukraine Russia Switzerland3871883 Kingdom Belgium Bulgaria Spain Ireland146445 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Russia Philippines123519112 Republic Germany Russia Norway Poland Luxembourg8133779 Russia Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Luxembourg Andorra Montenegro9898040 Kingdom Bulgaria Russia Turkey12157140 Germany Sweden Spain Russia Norway Turkey Poland Lebanon4402939 Kingdom Netherlands Russia Norway138823 Russia Palestinian territories Croatia8885453 Kingdom Germany Russia Turkey United Arab Emirates Gibraltar Kyrgyzstan171521 Kingdom Germany France Italy168796 Poland Georgia810 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Belgium Bulgaria Italy Spain Russia Switzerland Ireland Georgia6879126 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Hungary Belgium Italy Spain Russia Norway Turkey Switzerland Malta11176353 Germany Finland171366 Republic Azerbaijan82202 Kingdom Iran301812 Republic42144 Cyprus9006191 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Austria Belgium Italy Romania Spain Brazil Russia Turkey Switzerland Latvia Bahrain176842684 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Hungary Italy Russia Turkey Slovakia Ireland Gibraltar90214428 Kingdom Sweden Finland2037 Kingdom3251 Germany1902655 Russia2841 Republic Austria Russia Poland47106 Finland Saudi Arabia1930 States United Kingdom Germany Sweden Russia Switzerland Lithuania7942684 Greece Estonia Norway5475 Germany Sweden Iceland2321071 Russia Iran Poland4071 Austria6941430 Poland Republic of Serbia2746 Italy1229 Republic121328 Arabia55 Kingdom1919 Kingdom1818 Slovakia3043 Bulgaria3785 Switzerland61125 Poland83164 Iceland67232 Poland53128 Republic of Serbia5781 Ukraine147339 Kingdom Germany Austria Russia Poland Lithuania Malta6833504 States United Kingdom Germany France Austria Canada Denmark Russia44915999 Kingdom Netherlands Belgium Russia European union Latvia7013051 Kingdom Sweden Italy Denmark Russia Turkey4949551 States United Kingdom Germany France Austria Romania Spain Denmark Russia Turkey Croatia130010849 Kingdom Germany Russia Poland Slovakia194589 States Germany Sweden Austria Singapore Spain Brazil Ukraine Georgia2351862 Republic Germany Bulgaria Italy Romania Singapore Russia Kuwait1411040 Germany Austria Belgium Bulgaria Romania Norway Poland Latvia Lithuania6636382