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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in United Kingdom (32 subnets), Denmark (22 subnets), Russia (22 subnets) and some other countries.

IP subnets

IP subnet subnetsdomains Kingdom1417 Kingdom33 States Kazakhstan4011669 Kingdom78218 Kingdom101268 Kingdom85229 Kingdom5182 Kingdom5287 Bulgaria80688 Kingdom Germany France Belgium Spain Estonia Poland810572207 Poland Latvia2340 Finland1113 Kingdom Netherlands Hungary Poland Saudi Arabia105559 Kingdom Switzerland90274 Portugal3373 Kingdom Germany France Spain Poland29334167823 Arabia22 Kingdom1111 Kingdom1212 Kingdom2626 Kingdom2121 Denmark Poland Republic of Serbia190823 States United Kingdom Egypt South Africa Russia11495551 Bulgaria Italy Denmark Russia Norway Switzerland Slovenia15608961 Germany Austria Bulgaria Estonia Poland Switzerland7456039 Kingdom195333 Kingdom Ireland3344 Kingdom344491 Arab Emirates511 Arab Emirates1529 Kingdom Russia6188 Russia64189 Latvia2877 Cyprus3040 Russia117426863 Saudi Arabia503719885 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Sweden Austria Belgium Spain Russia Switzerland Kuwait Luxembourg Cyprus Bahrain7578193 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Belgium Romania Russia Switzerland Iceland Luxembourg Republic of Serbia Seychelles Bahrain10178880 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Belgium Italy Spain Denmark Russia Norway Ireland Monaco92615554 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Bulgaria Romania Russia Poland Switzerland6926221 Russia Luxembourg143148 Italy Russia126276 Russia192426 Bulgaria Romania Greece3081 Kingdom Russia Slovakia52123 Kingdom Germany Finland Russia Switzerland107328 Kingdom Bulgaria Poland Latvia195755 Kingdom France Austria Bulgaria Italy Iran Lithuania1451456 Kingdom Italy Russia Norway Iran Poland Switzerland Ireland European union Moldova2792128 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Sweden Russia European union3441811 Italy Russia Poland Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic of Serbia59611021 Sweden Russia Turkey Poland2882664 Kingdom France Bulgaria Norway Ireland Belarus4183205 Germany Sweden Italy Georgia9157584 States United Kingdom Germany Bulgaria Norway Luxembourg Monaco49286 France Sweden Russia Moldova2541269