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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Russia (44 subnets), Germany (40 subnets), United Kingdom (34 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Kingdom Germany Ireland7993282 Spain Russia Poland Iceland Lebanon Croatia2871709 States Netherlands Sweden Finland Romania Ireland9348197 Ukraine Russia Turkey Israel8858186 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Russia Norway64522 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Italy Russia286738 Republic Germany Romania Spain Russia Poland207630 Russia Republic of Serbia2137 Republic3455 Poland175383 Finland2678 Kingdom Germany Ukraine Russia Poland Ireland Jordan Moldova Kazakhstan206513 Republic Spain107539 States United Kingdom Netherlands France Turkey European union2861672 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Austria Belgium Italy Russia Poland Switzerland Portugal171966942 Kingdom Romania4541057 Moldova2831360 Turkey4351267 Kingdom Romania4902677 Moldova57489 Republic2229 Republic2431 Kingdom Netherlands Austria Denmark Russia Iceland154740 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Austria Italy Ukraine Russia Norway6596670 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Finland Austria Belgium Bulgaria Russia Turkey5787141 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Hungary Italy Spain Russia Turkey Poland Slovakia146116458 Poland Lebanon8083642 Portugal1722 Russia Republic of Serbia8135856 Republic Russia Bosnia and Herzegovina Latvia4183542 Iran Saudi Arabia4551984 Kingdom Germany France Sweden Italy Turkey Cyprus13176891 Germany Poland4895953 Azerbaijan Saudi Arabia1432 Italy Bahrain1322 Kong Germany Romania Turkey Poland Ireland Lithuania6141712 Kingdom Sweden Italy Denmark120460 Kingdom Russia Norway Poland7622566 Iceland168367 Norway1631 Iran3085 Finland80645 States United Kingdom Poland Ireland1631038 Republic5072 Republic1731 Italy Denmark Ukraine Russia Iran10305189 Kingdom Czech Republic France Austria Italy Ukraine Slovakia Ireland Macedonia170221388 Italy Denmark Russia Poland Switzerland San Marino2062949 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany Poland Moldova8729078 Italy Denmark Russia Poland5424631 Italy Russia Saudi Arabia47124 Republic Finland Bulgaria Italy Russia Lithuania193555 Kingdom Germany Austria Russia Norway Poland Ireland Latvia2411481 Kingdom11 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Ukraine Poland European union118511579 Croatia1151022 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Hong Kong Germany France Sweden Belgium Italy Spain Denmark Cyprus4451201 Republic Kuwait57275 Kingdom Poland European union283989 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Sweden Austria Belgium Italy Spain Russia Switzerland Ireland3922867 Kingdom1224 of Serbia76158 States Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Sweden Italy Denmark Estonia Russia Norway Iran Latvia5225072 Kingdom Russia3559 Georgia918 Czech Republic Germany Sweden Denmark2711046 Kingdom France Poland Ireland13566823 Republic Estonia Russia Iran72464 Finland Denmark49488 Arabia1213 Kingdom Germany Romania Spain Poland12057660 Republic Denmark Russia Poland41129 Kingdom1532 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic France Belgium Spain Russia Norway Poland Switzerland Latvia Liechtenstein14209379 Kingdom Italy Denmark Russia Switzerland Lithuania Lebanon217937 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Finland Russia Norway Poland2931672 Kingdom Germany France Hungary Italy Spain Ukraine Russia Switzerland141729 Ukraine Russia Turkey139856 Russia4181013 Kingdom Netherlands Russia4272929