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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in France (36 subnets), Russia (25 subnets), United Kingdom (17 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Finland3152 Bosnia and Herzegovina1010 France Austria Italy Russia Ireland Azerbaijan Moldova141472 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Italy Russia Norway Turkey Switzerland Luxembourg Republic of Serbia8613912 States United Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Hungary Austria Italy Spain Denmark Russia Poland Switzerland Armenia177325143 Kingdom Netherlands152411611 Latvia34 Russia Iran92239 Ireland Georgia16517489 Kingdom Hungary Ukraine Slovakia10494134 Kingdom Netherlands Russia Slovenia Macedonia3943747 Kingdom Spain Russia Georgia139758 Russia Poland Macedonia151413 Kingdom Germany Austria Italy Spain Denmark Ukraine Russia Poland Slovakia Republic of Serbia Albania9043435 States Netherlands Czech Republic France Hungary Austria Russia Iran Ireland Israel European union Lithuania207912863 Republic Austria Denmark Estonia Russia Norway Iran Lithuania Jordan Lebanon 159749 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Hungary Austria Belgium Italy Russia Turkey Poland Slovenia Latvia8453088 Germany France1437 Arab Emirates1212 Arab Emirates66 Moldova4414634 European union3923234 union184291 Kingdom1010 Kingdom2233 Kingdom3247 Kingdom1010 Kingdom2135 Kingdom1232 Kingdom1012 Bosnia and Herzegovina Israel Latvia41710590 Bosnia and Herzegovina Georgia118164 Kingdom Ukraine Russia Iran European union Croatia7486 Republic France Austria Italy Denmark Russia358411258 Kingdom Sweden Ukraine Poland Slovenia Republic of Serbia53277 Hungary Italy Slovakia Kyrgyzstan78196 Denmark Russia109553 Ukraine Russia57118 Republic Jordan1718 Sweden3551