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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Russia (45 subnets), Italy (38 subnets), United Kingdom (35 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Belgium Italy Spain Poland Switzerland Portugal1506586297 Russia77299 Kingdom Latvia46101 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Russia62166 Russia1223 Portugal3692186 Arab Emirates4381 Portugal117127 Kingdom Bulgaria Russia Poland4370 Italy Russia Turkey157519470 Republic Ukraine Iran44102 Poland177117367 Kingdom Spain Ukraine17619212 Saudi Arabia2434 Poland2022 Russia Turkey49104 Arabia33 Arabia44 States Netherlands Germany France Italy Russia Switzerland Latvia Macedonia5604702 Kingdom Germany Finland Italy Denmark Turkey Iran European union Latvia4414672 Kingdom Netherlands Germany Austria Italy Russia Turkey Montenegro309223637 States Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Belgium Russia Turkey Switzerland Slovenia93110443 Republic89243 Republic55126 Czech Republic France Italy Spain Ukraine Russia Poland Slovakia 88013333 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Hungary Italy Spain Russia Morocco Malta Qatar10058969 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Belgium Italy Spain Denmark Switzerland Portugal109618924 States United Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Italy Spain Denmark Russia Norway Poland Republic of Serbia6133753 Kingdom Germany Sweden Austria Slovakia195636367 Sweden Russia3153 Republic Italy Denmark Turkey5879352 Belgium Bulgaria Russia Norway2241 Belgium Russia Slovenia59135 Russia Syria Uzbekistan4334774 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Sweden Austria Italy Spain Russia European union Latvia Iceland Jordan4562006 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic France Belgium Italy Spain Denmark Russia Norway5083355 Russia Poland1442 Bulgaria46297 Russia Poland Uzbekistan2749 Israel2326 Kingdom1619 Kingdom1226 Kingdom2228 Kingdom1016 Kingdom1720 Kingdom1526 Kingdom4178 Kingdom62106 Romania2261355 Kingdom Germany France Sweden Italy116248 Israel99 of Serbia66 Russia2384 Denmark55 Kingdom1822 Kingdom5866 Kingdom4654 Kingdom3438 Kingdom11 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Austria Belgium Italy Spain Russia Switzerland4352284 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Hungary Finland Austria Russia Turkey European union168220466 Arab Emirates68127 Arab Emirates12 Arab Emirates99 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Russia United Arab Emirates Switzerland Slovakia Armenia6135408 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Spain Russia Poland Slovakia Cyprus9823829 Republic Germany Italy Russia Poland Switzerland Israel Republic of Serbia3462178 Denmark Ukraine Russia Poland Switzerland51615819 Germany Romania Russia Iran Poland2621186 Kingdom Bulgaria20939506 Republic Russia Luxembourg9212094 Kingdom Sweden Denmark Russia1681041 Denmark Estonia Norway Poland163962 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Hungary Austria Italy Spain Ukraine Russia Switzerland Kazakhstan13946058 Jordan3442076 Kingdom Netherlands Russia89212 Poland1545 Syria3031 Croatia1314