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Information about IP subnet This subnet is used in Russia (42 subnets), Germany (20 subnets), Italy (19 subnets) and some other countries.

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IP subnet subnetsdomains Republic841 Republic Ukraine Russia132468 Kuwait89 Latvia79 Republic Sweden Russia Slovakia2001723 France Ukraine Iran1115 Republic Iran66436 Republic Russia2340 Macedonia513 Kingdom Bulgaria Italy Slovenia84175 European union12532192 union516670 Georgia810 Albania1010 Poland47 Russia462821254 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Hungary Belgium Romania Spain Denmark Russia Norway Turkey Switzerland Portugal Belarus European union Macedonia118413409 Kingdom Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Austria Greece Spain Estonia Russia Israel Saudi Arabia Malta3912201 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Austria Belgium Italy Spain Denmark Russia Norway Turkey Iran Palestinian territories Belarus Latvia Luxembourg11039873 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Hungary Spain Russia Poland Slovakia Malta Gibraltar11137709 Kingdom France Denmark Russia 10233083 Kingdom Czech Republic France Sweden Hungary Italy Russia Republic of Serbia Syria Armenia5293613 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Italy Russia Norway Kuwait8877495 States United Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Austria Belgium Italy Iran Poland Switzerland Israel Venezuela21387955 Kingdom Czech Republic Germany France Sweden Austria Belgium Russia Poland Switzerland Slovenia3594678 Kingdom1358 Kingdom Greece Denmark Russia Switzerland Portugal Saudi Arabia Netherlands Antilles10597556 Sweden Poland Montenegro2534 Italy3030 Ukraine Poland32109 Kingdom Czech Republic Hong Kong Germany Bulgaria Turkey Slovakia Croatia Republic of Serbia Seychelles108711598 Bulgaria Russia Norway2171160 France Russia Slovakia Iraq85110613 Belgium Italy Russia Poland124927 States United Kingdom Russia5021667 Republic Germany Russia Turkey17158219 Italy Russia Poland Switzerland7947155 Kingdom Poland Israel Kuwait83138 Kingdom Romania4264 Croatia2685 of Serbia33 Denmark1449 Kingdom Netherlands Germany France Sweden Romania Spain Ukraine Estonia Russia Poland Latvia6993856